Motorola Droid Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich Update Wait Starts Over

It’s now Friday, September 28th, which means that over the weekend, the month of September will pass and give way to the month of October. And once Monday arrives, owners of the Motorola Droid Bionic will begin their third wait for the highly anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich update that has been promised to them.

Last week, Motorola announced that it would be pushing the Droid Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich update to sometime in Q4 of this year. That means that it will be rolling out at some point in October, November or December.

And because of the delay, it means that Droid Bionic owners will now embark on their third wait for the Ice Cream Sandwich update.

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The wait for the Droid Bionic ICS update begins again.

Earlier this year, Motorola announced that the Droid Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich update would be arriving sometime in early Q3. That means that it was originally slated for sometime in July or early August. However, it soon became apparent, likely due to the ICS bugs found in the Droid RAZR updates, that Motorola would not be able to meet its promise.


The middle of August flew by without any answers and August soon gave way to September wherein Motorola took an entire month before it decided to postpone the update until Q4.

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The only consolation prize that owners got was that Motorola didn’t wait until the last day to postpone the update, something that HTC did with the HTC ThunderBolt and Droid Incredible 2.

So now that the update missed early Q3, and Q3, Droid Bionic owners are in for another wait that will likely be as much of a roller coaster as the last two.


In light of that, here are several possible scenarios for the Droid Bionic ICS update:

  • Motorola somehow gets its act together and rolls out the update in October. This is possible considering the progress we’ve seen from the Droid Bionic ICS leaks but we wouldn’t hold our breath at this point.
  • Another scenario: November or December roll out. December seems a bit ridiculous given how close we thought Motorola was so if it moves past October, November is a likely month.
  • It’s also possible that it won’t roll out at all, that Motorola and Verizon will scrap the plans. We’ve heard privately from a few connected sources who have expressed doubt about the update as a whole.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is clear.

Motorola Droid Bionic owners are in for another wait for Ice Cream Sandwich and it’s entirely possible that it could be a long one.


  1. We’ll im getting a new phone in november so I really don’t even care anymore, but it would be nice to get the update before then to keep happy

  2. if they going to correct this, it’b better be jelly bean update with processor pushed to 1.3ghz and battery is managed to last twice as long and the camera is updated via software to take better pictures.

    wishful thinking huh? lol.

  3. The Droid Bionic is proprietary only to Verizon so they have the final word on ICS, not Motorloa. After all, it will be pushed off Verizons servers, not Motorola. Yet, Verizion continues to toss Motorola under the bus. At least Motorola finally spoke up while Verizon continues to dodge this issue.

    Verizon has no interest in this now obsolete phone and no doubt realizes that an ICS upgrade would only prolong current owners into upgrading to a new phone…and a new data plan leash.

    Verizon wireless has already offered to waive my early termination fee in addition to a $100 trade-in allowance to any new data phone. The catch, I start a new contract under the new data plan. That is not acceptable.

    So instead of complaining about Motorola, time to voice your frustrations to the proprietor owner of the Droid Bionic – Verizon Wireless.

  4. If they would jump it up to Jelly Bean with an UNLOCKED bootloader that would be great. For that matter, ICS with an UNLOCKED bootloader would be great. What are the chances of that???

  5. I loved Motorola……until now. They effed us bionic owners over and over again. I was looking into getting the razr max hd,, but now I’m not even looking at moto anymore. Love their phones, but not their service. Still undecided to what in gonna get, but it certainly won’t be moto and certainly leaving Verizon.

  6. llMotorola is listening to us! They just aren’t going to answer, like before the new VP said they have a PLAN for us and after a week says nothing but I’m reading all your complaints, but instead of using the 29 seconds he used to post that on twitter to share his PLAN he just tells us he is hearing us. Maybe sharing just a little of the hope of what he plans would help calm the restless? Probably not, because then, once again, we would have to believe they are not leading on like when they advertised the Bionic to be the phone that it was suppose to be. Give it to us straight anf now! Not days, weeks or months from now.

  7. I got verizon to switch out my bionic with a RAZR maxx and i love it. I checked these forums multiple times a day and went through 4 bionics thata wouldnt work. Now a year later i finally get to see what the 4g hype was about.

    • @Travis, how did that conversation go? I am having my 3rd Bionic shipped to me Monday. Data issues and random reboots. I’d love to be able to move to a MAXX.

  8. So what is the Plan? The plan is a joint venture between Motorola and VZN to move Droid Bionic owners away from their unlimited PLAN and on to the new share everything PLAN. How? By offering current Droid Bionic owners a rebate and waiving early termination fees. This way we move from a short term leash to an even longer, more costlier one.

  9. It’s just plain old bad customer service. Motorola and Verizon should at least provide a joint detailed press release as to why exactly the update was delayed so much. That would at least be something for their customers to go on. Just saying they “have a plan” and not disclosing details leaves too much uncertainty. At this rate their building a very bad reputation for unreliable devices with unreliable customer service.

  10. Beyond fed up with the wait, & Verizons unwillingness to help me. My bionic will maybe last 2 hours if not within reach of wifi. I have only used my phone about 1/3 the time over the last 4 months that I would normally, due to data loss/ dead battery.

    I will be showing them my distaste with my wallet, I’m saying goodbye to Verizon and Moto. Going out tonight and picking up a Samsung Note at AT&T while I wait for the arrival of the Note 2. Never thought I would end up in this situation, but I’ve been forced to make a change after 12 years with Verizon.

    • Hi Pete,
      I am ready to take the plunge, but don’t know where to get reliable info on the process. Any tips?

  11. Im going to keep my bionic and unlimited plan and use as much free data as I possibly can. They are going to beg me to get a new phone and drop my data plan. I will not.

  12. It makes no difference to me. My VZW contract ends Xmas eve 2014. Motorola support tells me that if I reject the ICS/JB whatever update 3 times they wont bother me again about it. I am sticking with GB as a tribute to MM/VZW right to the bitter end. Bringing a dual-core phone out with a single-core OS for its entire life cycle is the most blatantly assinine thing I think I have seen this century and I intend to bestow the honor such a proto-human achievement surely deserves. Then we will see what VZW and everyone offering MS OS’s have to offer. Android and MM are out for good. It is my fervent desire to never experience ICS/JB ever.

  13. Verizon has offered me a DROID razr , not the razr maxx. I told them they can either give me the maxx or the gs3 or im leavening Verizon. They said they need approval and would get back to me. That was yesterday. I would love to keep my bionic if I could just get a freaking update to ics. I might just give in and root my bionic. Any thoughts on rooting?

    • I rooted no issues 4G drops here and there buy my battery life isn’t to bad I did pick this phone up off craigslist for 150$ so I can’t really complain plus unlimited 4G with tethering is awesome thanks to root.

  14. verizon and motorola will soon find out we do need them. customers will change from both by the hundreds if not thousnds due to this lying to us for a year. we do not need them but they will find that without us they are out of business. the new vp should update his resume.

  15. What a load of crap. I’m about done with Mot and Verizon. If they don’t care about Bionic users enough to get this update out by now then I don’t care enough about them to give them my business.

  16. I have to agree that Verizon must take the lion share of the blame since they do “own” the Droid Bionic. After all, it’s not like anyone actually bought this from Motorola, the only way then was going to a Verizon store. And if you want one now, they can only be found on eBay – probably under “vintage” smart phones.

    It appears Motorola has been diligent in pushing over the latest ICS upgrade builds to Verizon over the past few months; yet for reasons unknown, Verizon continues disapprove them. And meanwhile, Motorola takes the heat.

    And Verizon continues to heavily promote their new shared data plan so it makes sense that they have no interest in upgrading anything this obsolete DB.

    With the holidays fast approaching, I have no doubt that Verizon (and Motorola) are getting ready to unveil the latest and greatest (with JB) and many here will finally give up complaining and like cattle, get herded into a new phone, and data plan contract (leash).

  17. The more I read the more this sounds like a Verizon plan to push their customers off unlimited data plans.

  18. I called yesterday to complain about 4G signal dropping. While they were attempting (and failing) to fix it, I asked the guy if he had any idea of when ICS was coming. He claimed to see a date of Nov. 5th.

  19. Wouldn’t Verizon be liable in a class-action lawsuit if they choose not to upgrade the Bionic to ICS? It was heavily advertised as ICS ready and they told the entire nation when they advertised it on tv that it would be getting the ICS upgrade.

  20. I got my Droid Bionic 3 months ago…Surprise Verizon offered it as a Free phone online…..I thought wow a Bionic Free….well now I see where the problems are…..had I of known the problems with not getting ICS I would have not gotten this phone….Now it seems like I am stuck…

  21. This is why the Droid phones fail, they are getting better but each is only good for 6-9 months as another comes out and makes the previous one look like crap. There is no major push by anyone to update the OS, andot simply turns into a game to keep customers going from one Droid to another. I support both Apple and Google because they’re in my neck of the woods, but none of these handset makers really care about the customer experience.

  22. In the world of wireless communication, there is no such thing as customer loyalty. We’re all leashed to a contract like an abused dog tied to a tree and never let off to run and play. And we agreed to this when we signed the contract.

    Since we’re so dependent on our cell phones, cell phone manufacturers and service providers know they have us right where they want us and could care less. We’re the puppet and our masters continue pulling our strings.

    Even the “insurance” is a scam since you pay a monthly fee on top of a “deductible” for a “reconditioned” replacement. The price of new phones is absurdly over inflated, probably quadruple from what they’re actual production cost is and non-negotiable.

    Someone mentioned a class action law suit? Good luck with that. First, find a law firm willing to take the case and in the end, if they win, VZN and Motorloa hand over some chump change penalty, the law firm walks with the winnings and distributes some measly $2.42 rebate…three years from now.

    The key is not to get wrapped around the axle on the latest gadget, gizmo and upgrades and hang on to what you have and make it last. And when you’re contract expires, your leash is off and you’re free to choose if you want to put another leash on your collar, switch to a new pay as you go, or keep whats working for you.

  23. It is highly unlikely this late in the season that Verizon Wireless will allow any ICS upgrades. There is no profit margin for either company and Verizon seems heavily focused on moving their “flock” from their unlimited data, to a shared data plan. The best way to do this is to entice them with the newest line of Jelly-Bean phones soon to be revealed next month.

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