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  1. Naam

    Thank you. This method worked for me.

  2. tusher

    This method is not worked for me

  3. Zeldar

    Tried twice. No joy.

  4. palo

    When will takju model nexus’ get it?

  5. aki

    Cool. It worked for me. Downloading right now. Thanks!

  6. AS

    This is fallacy. This “method” only works if you’re already loaded to a Google OTA server, ready for the push. Here’s my personal copypasta with some more information:

    Some additional information: The way the OTA updates are handed out is by IMEI or internal unique identifier. Batches of these numbers are loaded onto the OTA servers, then when a phone checks in which it does on it’s own every few hours you are given the update.
    This only works if your unique identifying number has been loaded onto the OTA servers and at best it will only let you get the update an hour or two “earlier” than you would have already got it.
    Clearing the Google Services Framework resets a LOT of shit. For me when the JB update was rolled out to the EU GN’s, several of my sync options went FUBAR and some other data was reset/lost. It also fucks your Maps right up and you won’t be logged into a lot of accounts the first time you come to use them again.
    While this update may save you an hour, it was really not worth the bother for the amount of messing about I had to do to get everything back to normal from clearing the Google Services Framework. You will get the update when your phone identifier is loaded onto an OTA server AND NOT BEFORE. It is impossible to force the update using this method if it wasn’t already available to you.
    I just wanted to let people know that this is mostly a placebo. The reason some people do it once and it works is because they’re loaded onto an OTA server already. The reason it works for some people after 20 tries is because you sat there for 3 hours doing it while they approved the update for your batch.
    TL;DR – This works if the update is already available to you and not before. Updates are rolled out in batches. This method is mostly a placebo that will not save you days or probably even hours of waiting. Best to just wait and not lose your Google Services Framework data.

  7. discovery94

    worked for me!… Downloading now. Thanks!

  8. moh

    Not working for me

  9. sebster

    Did not work for me unfortunately !! Is being in Canada the problem?! Is it because of my phone company ?

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