Motorola Droid Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich Update Starts Rolling Out

It appears that the Motorola Droid Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich update is rolling out as promised today though it appears that it’s likely going to take awhile before it hits all Droid Bionic devices.

As we reported last week and as was confirmed last night by Verizon, the Droid Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich update is indeed rolling out today though, from what we can tell, it has only started to hit those that are part of the soak test program. We’ve received a number of tips today and here is what we’ve found.

Our original source, who confirmed the October 19th roll out date, says that his Droid Bionic started to receive the Droid Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich update at 10AM CST. We have also heard from a soak tester who says that Motorola emailed him saying that the update would be rolling out early in the morning. So, it appears that some people are receiving the update and some aren’t, as of yet.

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The Droid Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich roll out has begun.


What’s clear is that it will be the soak testers that receive the update, as we told you yesterday, with the rest of Droid Bionic owners getting the update at some point down the line. Usually, it takes a couple of days as Verizon wants to make sure that the updates are void of bugs and dependable. At that point, a full on roll out generally occurs.

Take a look at the ICS roll outs for the Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX for an example.

In any event, this is wonderful news for Droid Bionic owners who have been waiting for a long time to snag the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update and it means that the phone is no longer stuck on an operating system that has now been passed by two operating systems.

Of course, there is no guarantee that the Droid Bionic will be getting Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the latest update, but Motorola has promised the software and it will give $100 credit toward another Motorola phone if it fails to deliver.

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  1. zchbeck says

    I just finished installing the update 10 min ago. I’m not a soak tester or I wasn’t contacted to be one either.

  2. Scott says

    I keep checking, too. I’ve had my fill of gingerbread, damnit! :) So far I keep being told that my device is up to date. I don’t think so …

  3. Dan says

    Been trying to pull an User Initiated update. Checking for updates for 10 minutes, still checking…

  4. Arthur Chotin says

    I don’t remember signing up for the soak test but guess I did because I now have ICS on my Bionic. Woopee!!

    • Adam Mills says

      I am just saying that those who were a part of the soak will be among the first to get it. Others will join them, but a majority of people will get it on a later date.

  5. kevin says

    Bionic is gettin JB, I was told in a tweet via motorola support twitter and its also on the upgrade schedule. “in the coming months”

  6. Big Charley says

    Ok…so as I tried to post before…I basically told Verizon to go to he**, as I can use my Bionic just fine through my home network and hotspots. I should still get the ICS update though right?

  7. Ken says

    If I am stock root (forever root) and have frozen my bloatware, does anyone know if it will cause any OTA problems? Thanks.

    • bster says

      As long as you did NOT download a leaked ics version that would take you off of the ota upgrade path you should receive it just fine

        • bster says

          You shouldn’t, but you can always use voodoo root keeper to save the root and restore it after the ota update

          • Ken says

            I’ve saved root with Voodoo OTA so I will see what happens when I finally get the OTA. I kept my Bionic stock stock (rooted) mainly to get rid of the bloatware. Thanks everyone your your advice. I should be okay when the OTA finally hits my phone.

  8. Big Charley says

    Anyone have any ideas about my issue: Bionic but no longer have service on it…I use all apps via my home network…use Skype to talk and text…can I expect to still get ICS update? All comments and thoughts or suggestions welcomed and appreciated.

    • bster says

      I would think that you should still be able to receive the update because they recommend that you download it on a stable wifi connection

      • Big Charley says

        Righhhht. Thanks Bster. I hear ya and makes sense. Just thinkin’…is the update from Moto oe Verizon?…I would think Moto.

        • bster says

          There are many different versions of ice cream sandwich because the carriers want to determine what the phones will look like and what they will have on them. Google (which owns moto) makes the android os, then the carrier accepts or rejects that version then when is finally approved they (Verizon) send it out over their server in batches

          • cellcop says

            Keep in mind the Droid Bionic is made exclusively for the Verizon network by Motorola. Verizon has the final say on the ICS release since it’s their “value added” crap-ware that needs to pass the final test.

  9. JL says

    Realistically speaking, on what date should I start worrying about the fact I have NOT received the update? I’ve checked several times a day since Friday and nothing…yet. I want to make sure my expectations are realistic.


    • bster says

      The soak tests started rolling out friday in which those usually take a couple of days to pass. If all goes well we will hopefully see ics rolling out in batches starting monday. It cant be manually pulled due to they dont want their servers to crash

  10. Mike says

    Still no luck trying to force the manual update. 703 area code. I suspect it will take till next weekend.

  11. cellcop says

    It appears that the soak testers are complete with their testing. So long as Verizon is happy that their crapware is working, everyone should get the OTA very soon. Remember, it was Verizon that held this up in the past, not Motorola.

    • bster says

      True, however the razors were plagued with bugs which they have very similar hardware as the bionic which could bring up the debate on wether you would want a buggy ics or wait until a flawless build comes out. I agree thay without their crapware the builds would be easier to manage (most of us dont want their useless built in apps taking up space anyway)

  12. Muhammad says

    Area Code 252 still waiting. I’m checking my phone every 15 minutes. The wait is making me crazy.

  13. Connor McMillin says

    I just got a new droid 4 friday with ics and since i bought it outright i still have my bionic which i will be updating to ics and possibly using more or less than my droid 4. Cant wait. :D

  14. Justin Ware says

    Although I can neither confirm or deny that I was part of the soak test, I can confirm that next to my brothers Razr MAXX, ICS version 6.7.246 is runs much smoother. Expect OTA within hours…not days.

  15. bster says

    A recent article (from 2 hours ago) states that verizon has already pushed out the update, yet no one has recieved it. It better not be like the htc rezound where verizon started the push then delayed it immediately

  16. Ken says

    Still waiting in NC. I would be surprised if I see it before Sunday because of the size of the update…

  17. Mike says

    Got prompted for the update on Friday, and it failed twice so i figured I’d do a factory reset and try again, but now it wont find the update. Do i have to just wait til its out for everyone now?

    • Big Charley says

      Oh yeah…just an FYI for GA users… I called Verizon tech support and they advised lota of calls for same as mine: Has Verizon rolled out ICS for GA, and they don’t have a solid answer. I guess I’ll try again tomorrow and seek a more knowledgeable answer. They did say however that not being a current customer should/would NOT exclude me… so that’s good to hear.

  18. Dirtdawg57 says

    In ohio, just did a manual pull at midnight and there it was! Downloading now! So excited! Maybe the ota is back rolling again? I hadnt heard much since the action on the 19th so I was getting worried.

  19. Leon says

    I told you guys before.they said we will recieve it today or tommorow at least.and that was a promise.and i got mine today.from what i see so many others did as is a whole new phone now.but still no gsm network.hope they will unlock at a later update.

  20. C says

    OK flaw noticed. When playing music using headphones on the device with 4.0 there is now a whistling noise in the background (at least for me) and there wasn’t before with 2.3. I don’t like that because my phone is like my iPod. I use it for music constantly an that kills it. Damn..

    • another.user says

      I get the same thing, was pretty disappointed. I changed to a different headset(with earbuds it makes listening to music/streaming pretty much terrible) and it was alright.

    • bster says

      I am in the same boat. I did a data wipe and factory reset with clearing the cache a twice and still nothing, the file downloads fine but install fails everytime

  21. The Richard says

    Yeah! Got it this morning. BOOOO! Bionic is now a brick. No service. Every app I try to run is met with one of those Failure To Launch messages giving me the chance to WAIT or CLOSE. So, can I have my Gingerbread back. PLEASE?

  22. MK says

    Mine is downloading now … with lots of “Download suspended” notices along the way. Holding at 53% for the past ten minutes.

    One nitpicky detail on the OP: it was likely 10am CDT, not CST.

    • Big C says

      Mine hit yesterday…no probs…plugged in power and sat it near my dsl rg…took like 4-5 hrs. to complete but worked fine.

          • Connor McMillin says

            Just updated last night. Now i have ics on both my droids :D I’m happy now even though Motorola did a poor job at getting that update out

      • bster says

        Verizon finally sent me a new phone yesterday and the actual file download took about 20 minutes and the install took 7 minutes and so far is working flawless

  23. Connor McMillin says

    My bionic wasnt working before this update and Verizon refused to replace it at all even though i have protection plan so i had to do alot of chores and stuff for my dad to buy me a brand razr then i got sent DROID 4 and it was new at least so cant complain. My dads kinda pissed now though cuz the bionic works flawlessly

  24. Timothy Cason (@TimothyCason) says

    Well, I don’t know which is better or not, I was used to it the way it was. But, a few days after my Bionic updated, (and I began enjoying the new layout) it started to power off- randomly and repeatedly…killing my music was the worst!
    The awfully wonderfully great person at Verizon gladly sent a replacement. And this was at 3 am…I’m fairly certain the update caused the glitch as the phone ran great for almost a year.

  25. u g says

    This had slowed my phone down to a halt. Trying different mem cleaners, better but still sucks.

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