Apple May Release iOS 6.0.1 Soon, iOS 6.1 Release Date After Holidays

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  1. Garry

    iPad2 battery discharges much faster after the ios6 update….Apple must look into it seriously. Also it will be great if Apple could add the Start and finish date in the ‘Reminders’ app. Good 3rd party apps are all paid ones.

  2. Ryan Reynolds

    When can we expect a hardware change to fix the purple flash? If I bought my iPhone the day it came out, do I have a 90 day warranty and will there be a new model released that’ll fix the problem in that time? Thanks.

    • Realist

      No, there will not, “… be a new model released that’ll fix the problem …” by January 21, 2013.

  3. Elija

    Yes the keyboard and foulder static bug is pretty weird,I would be glad if apple fixed it in the new update.

  4. Robert

    Will there be a fix for Bluetooth? I can’t use my phone in the car.

  5. DW

    I hope they are going to address the battery drain issue on the iPhone 4S. Ever since the iOS 6 update I can literally watch my battery drain. What used to last all day with 40% to spare now can’t even go 3/4 of a day without having to be plugged in. I expect more from Apple. They had the same issue when they released iOS 5. Why can’t they just get their crap right?

  6. Rob sticks

    I am still wauting for Apple to fix Wifi issues with the iPad2. It acts like M-soft, you have to reboot to use Wifi in some places.

  7. Derek Francis

    iOS6 wifi connectivity problems make the system a joke. Apple Genius’s cannot do anything to solve the problem. The phone is a brick and Apple won’t even acknowledge the problem. Time to go to another product where the vendor is less arrogant.

    • Joe

      Everyone who complains about problems with ios 6 wifi problems or anything else, either doesn’t know how to operate the phone or has a crappy wifi router. I’ve had iphone products for over 5 yrs and I have never ever had 1 single problem. Quit crying and take a class in technology or something. Geeze

      • zaki

        i have also had a ios 6 wifi problem

      • Dathan

        Thank you Joe, took the words right out of my mouth. I have had all the iPhone’s and 2 iPad’s and never had that problem. Wifi routers need to be upgraded about every 2 years. At least that what I do, bc they don’t last forever, and technology is always improving.

  8. NCJ

    Just updated iPhone 4S to iOS 6.1 and I now have the purple flash flare !!! I did not have w iOS 5 or iOS 6.0. What a disappointment. Is there a way to uninstall 6.1?

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