Apple May Release iOS 6.0.1 Soon, iOS 6.1 Release Date After Holidays

Apple is currently testing a new build of iOS 6 that will fix a number of issues with the OS for release in the near future according to BGR.

In the report BGR claims that iOS 6.0.1 will fix a few smaller issues with iOS 6 including static lines on the keyboard or in app folders. The update will also fix an issue with the flash not going off in the camera app. The software update can’t remove the purple flare in the camera, however, as that is more of a hardware issue.

The update will also improve Wi-Fi support and fix an issue where cellular data doesn’t work. It will also add a “consolidated data switch for iTunes Match,” and fix an issue where Passbook pass details are accessible from the lock screen. iOS 6.0.1 will fix an issue with Exchange that can unexpectedly cancel meetings for entire calendar groups.

ios-6-logoApple is testing iOS 6.0.1 with carriers now, and will likely release it sometime in the near future.

Apple also recently started testing iOS 6.1 which will likely release sometime after the holidays. It’s not clear what iOS 6.1 will change, but x.1 updates to iOS usually include a number of bug fixes and a few minor changes to the OS. For example, iOS 5.1 added the ability to slide the lock screen up to access the camera instead of double tapping the home button.

If iOS 6.1 doesn’t come until after the holidays that means the upcoming iPad Mini will likely use iOS 6.0, currently found on the iPhone 5 and other Apple iOS devices.