HTC ThunderBolt Ice Cream Sandwich Update Still Missing Nearly Two Months Later

As the month of October winds down, there is still no word from HTC or Verizon as to the whereabouts of the HTC ThunderBolt Ice Cream Sandwich update or the Droid Incredible 2 Ice Cream Sandwich update, almost two months after the devices Android 4.0 updates were supposed to roll out.

Earlier this month, we received a credible tip from a source who said that the HTC ThunderBolt Ice Cream Sandwich update was in its final stages of testing, and at the time, Verizon apparently was on track to get the update rolled out to customers by the end of October.

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The HTC ThunderBolt ICS update remains unreleased, nearly two months after a roll out was supposed to occur.

We sit just mere days from the end of the month, and unfortunately, none of the tell tale signs that usually emerge just prior to a roll out have emerged. No rumors, no whispers, no sign of the update or the Droid Incredible 2’s update on Verizon’s website – something that usually happens a few days before an update, and sadly, no word from HTC or Verizon about roll out plans.

Instead, the most that we’ve seen out of HTC (Verizon never says anything) is a lengthy response to the inquiry from a Droid Incredible 2 owner on Facebook wherein the company says that the August roll out was only a target and not an actual roll out window.


Here is what HTC said earlier this month:

We are sorry and we are working on it. The end of August deadline was not a deadline at all. It was and an educated target date that we set ourselves so that we could give people some sort of timeline. Since the beginning we have said that those were only target dates and that there was always a possibility that it could take longer. He are constantly asking for the most recent news and as soon as we get soon as we get some answers to share, we will.

When we receive new information from our internal teams, we make it a point to pass that news along to the customers immediately. We believe in keeping our customers informed. At this point there is no additional information to share regarding the HTC Thunderbolt and ICS. We are still working with your service provider, Verizon, to reach a finalized version of the upgrade for their device. Until we reach that point, we can only answer questions to the best of our ability. Thank you.

That tune has not changed as we approach the end of October, with HTC saying that yes, it indeed still intends on updating the ThunderBolt, but no, it doesn’t have any word on when an update might roll out.

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Screen Shot 2012-10-26 at 1.33.56 PM

Clearly, the companies are still trying to get these updates ready to go, otherwise they would have cancelled them. We have our fingers crossed that something transpires in regards to both updates in the next few days but at this point, the silence is pretty telling and it may be time for some owners to think about picking up another device.

Any optimists out there?


  1. I pray for this update every day to help me get through the last two months of owning this phone. As it is, either the phone or gingerbread or both are slowly taking a crap after 10 months of use. Commands are taking longer to register, Sense is lagging more and more, reception is getting worse, and 4G performs just about the same as 3G now. I always made a point of saying I never had the bad experiences other TBolt users have had, but now it’s flaring up.

    No matter what happens though, come upgrade time in January, my next phone will not be made by HTC. I was dead set on the GSIII for a while but once I actually played with it in a Verizon store I realized I was sort of put off by TouchWiz and reviewers weren’t kidding when they mentioned the display is surprisingly dim even at full brghtness. Then I walked over to the Razr HD display and fell in love with the hurt-your-eyes vibrant screen and barely there MotoBlur skin. Add on top of that the almost iPhone-like build quality and I think I have my next phone.

    • I too left behind the Thunderbolt a few weeks ago after two years… for the GS3. You must not have played w/ the settings correctly, or someone at the store before you changed them! This display is SO bright it hurts my eyes! That’s great if you love the Razor HD, but if that is a decision maker for you or anyone else, you should check again. Menu> settings> display> brightness> and crank it up!!!

      • I love how people exaggerate. You suffered for two years with a phone that has only been out for 18 months? How’d you manage to get a Thunderbolt 6 months before anyone else?

        • My 2-year contract for a Thunderbolt expires in December 2012, so it’s been around more than 18 months.

  2. I’m ANOTHER Thunderbolt owner counting the hours until I can dump this pile of junk. I’d like to say that I’m done with HTC and Verizon, but I’ll be staying with Verizon. I wouldn’t get another HTC phone if they offered me one for free.

    • Agreed no more HTC for me either, I’ve had one issue after the next I’ve lost all faith in this phone :((

  3. This article is wrong. It states the update is two months late. No, the update is a year and two months late! We Thunderbolt owners are about to be 3 versions behind come Monday morning. HTC profits and sales are way down, and they deserve to be. Good riddance HTC; hello Monday’s-almost-announced-Nexus with immediate updates!

  4. If It weren’t for Cyanogen, Jesters/Thundershed Jellyblur & HTC_Ics_ AOKP we would be screwed….
    Root for Life… extended /.

  5. I Verizon and HTC on Thursday. Verizon didn’t know the status and HTC (after waiting FOREVER on hold) told me they just aren’t saying a release date anymore because there have been so many delays.

  6. Yes…what a shame for this holdup…The Thunderbolt was such an awesome phone in the beginning…I think Verizon just wanted to sell more iphones to be honest. The Hell with Verizon! I’m going to try T Mobile next…at least they don’t have a contract and be stuck for 2 freakin years!!!!!

  7. Most people who own the T-Bolt will probably replace it within a few months anyway so this update is too late to really do anyone any good. I’m jumping to the new LG Nexus that should be out next week. HTC has lost a customer for life! Although I doubt they will survive more than a few years anyway.Apple and Samsung are eating HTC for lunch.

    • I’ve had the worst port luck with HTC, I had the Thunderbolt since the first week it was out, and I dumped them for Samsung. I just upgraded! GOOD BYE SENSE! Which is the good thing about HTC!

  8. Who cares at this point. I;m due for an upgrade on the 17th anyways. And Adam is a terrible writer, it’s the same crap over and over again. Thank you, and goodnight,

  9. I’m tired of waiting for the ICS update. I could get another phone right now but, since Verizon Wireless decided to drop data from unlimited to 2gb when I get an upgrade, I will switch companies to Sprint. Thinking of getting an iPhone 5 and use the 8+ GB I’m using right now.

  10. I had the incredible fortune of finding a brand new Droid Razr in my town for a mere $100. Words cannot describe how excited I am to ditch this ThunderBolt and finally get a taste of ICS and a thinner phone.

  11. Got to pay FULL PRICE to keep unlimited data at this point anyway, so depart whenever you want and just activate the new phone you purchased (S-III, iphone 5, LG Nexus, etc). Unless you want to jump carriers. Then you gotta wait for those blasted 2 years to be up.

  12. I’ve been perfectly happy with my Thunderbolt, but only because of the custom ROMs. Thundershed, and now a mostly functional ICS ROM have served me well.

    But yeah, I don’t want another HTC phone. I’m looking at the mid-range Droid Razr M when I upgrade in December. I really don’t think I need anything more powerful than that. If I want to watch 1080p video I’ll do it on a friggen TV and not a phone.

  13. I hope HTC goes bust so no one else has to put up with their horrible products. The HTC brand is tarnishing the Android image. Based on this first impression, I will never even consider owning another HTC product again.

    I understand that Verizon is largely at fault for this horrendously sluggish release, however, it is HTC who ultimately developed this software that has plagued my phone with issues since DAY ONE!!!

    First, GPS locking issues and horrible battery life (software related? YES). Then, poor cell reception and random reboots. Now, slow UI experience and complete data dropping (not down to 3G) to the point of rendering the phone completely useless.

  14. I am running Mecha 4.0.3 ICS Leak from Team BAMF. It runs great. The only thing that remains an issue is the time it takes to go from Airplane mode to normal or reverse. My wifes droid bionic with gingerbread and my Droid eris with ICS Cyanogen 7.1 does this operation fine. As far as battery life. On standby no usage but all functions avaliable I get 22 hrs of usage, Music brings it down to 17, Youtube brings it to 4hr, Gps+google maps is 5, The nice thing with ICS is the ability to shut off Bloatware to an OS level. Cant wait for Ubuntu Moble.. :)

  15. Yep. I’m actually a big HTC fan. Was. I don’t even care (that much) about ICS. Just annoyed they announce a release timetable….then say “ono that wasnt a release date”. Really?
    Dinc2 here.
    Next phone in Spring will be MOTO.

  16. I had a thunderbolt loved it but I bought a bionic off Craigslist for 100 dollars just because my wife had a bionic (now she has RAZR Maxx its junk to) and the speeds were faster and IT had an HDMI output I will never buy another moto product again I can’t wait till the HTC DNA comes out

  17. So i just got off the phone with Verizon because my tb has been dropping the data service and there sending me out a replacement tb and they said that it will be pre loaded with ics. So that tells me the update for everyone else should be soon and when i get the phone ill repost with if it actually had ics on it like they said

  18. Mine has been dropping data also, but I’m due for upgrade in a week and a half. Oh well….Galaxy Note 2 for me.

  19. I guess VZW gets what they wanted, I’m overdue for my upgrade so I’ve preordered my Galaxy Note 2 as well.

  20. So tiered of checking every day for an update just hoping it will come so I can stay on 4g hopefully. 3 weeks and I’m done with this phone I hope with my work discount the my bill dosnt explode got to love verizon fucking loyal customers.

  21. I hope ics helps too i could upgrade but I don’t want to lose my unlimited data as it sits I use 25 gigs on avg each month

  22. The HTC thunderbolt has started receiving the ota ice cream sandwich update.. My brother just recently got it

    • YOU KNOW WHAT!!!???

      I never thought I would say this…but….

      Recently…I have STARTED considering apple ooferrings….

      Crazy sur-price and all..get them refurbished or on sale and they are not as “expensive”.

      There I have said it.

      “Ex” ‘never apple cause they are expensive’ …… but THEY WORK and KEEP THEIR WORD (for the most part)….

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