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  1. Rod

    Thank you!!! Couldn’t have said it better myself… Just a little pissed that my 6month old iPad 3 just became obsolete… These guys have it nailed on keeping the sheep upgrading…

  2. Rod

    And on another note…. iPad 1 users should really be fuming…. No iOS updates beyond 5.1…. C’mon, REALLY? I’m already seeing apps that require iOS 6. Damn thing is only 2 years old. Used to be a windows type guy for the freedom (hated apple), but grew to love apple because their stuff always works with little hassle (tired of playing computer geek- now i just want to turn a computer on, get the job done and turn the thing off without having to do all the maintenance). I used to get a kick out of playing computer-boy, but at this point in my life I have more important stuff to do, so I just treat it as an appliance for simple tasks (remember web tv?). My last PC purchase eons ago was a pentium 4 w/ XP that still runs my entertainment center till this day- just upgraded to the newest Internet Explorer and runs great… Apple makes great stuff, but they are getting greedy—gonna bite them in the ass eventually…

  3. Bill Moore

    If I had an iPad 3, I would probably think similarly, Kevin. As it stands, I’m awfully tempted to buy a refurbished 3rd gen. iPad 32GB wifi model for $469 from the Apple Store. Is the 4th gen. iPad’s bump in speed very noticeable in applications outside of certain intensive games? Frankly, I doubt it, but I’ve been wrong before.

    And then again, the rumored Nexus 10 is awfully tempting. If it is as good as the Nexus 7 has been, it may be the way to go. I’m not invested in one eco-system or the other, having only a very few paid apps on my iPhone 4S.

    Any thoughts or things to consider would be appreciated.

  4. FreakOnALeash (@rvp10sucks)

    just to clarify …”ultrafast” wireless on 4th gen ipad is dual band antennas right ?

  5. use_common_sense

    The Kindle Fire, Nexus 7 are better options (money wise) than the iPad mini and the Surface with Office RT is definitely a very good alternative (better one if you need office to get stuff done) to any iPad!

    I’m definitely hoping customers start appreciating other alternatives besides the iPad! :)

  6. reneebjb1027

    really really like my iPad 3, not only because the retina display of my iPad 3, also with this vertical ans horizontal stand, it makes my looks like a castle and can watch movies with stand http://www.eva-product.com/Kids-friendly-iPad-3-Foam-Case-with-Big-holding-294.html if i upgrade it, then this lovely and practical gadget will be obsolete. i like it so much.

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