New Nexus 4 Batch Shipping Out

It appears that a fresh new wave of Nexus 4 orders have shipped out today, a great sign for those who ordered the new Nexus smartphone, and a sign that Google and LG might be making progress in ironing out their supply issues that have plagued the device since November.

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According to Android Central, it seems a new batch of Nexus 4 orders has started to ship out to customers who ordered the device when it was available through Google’s Play Store.

Some owners, who ordered as far back as November 30th, are evidently receiving shipping information today, just before the the New Years holiday. Google uses two day shipping so while it’s possible that some orders may arrive tomorrow ahead of the new year, it could be that many of them don’t arrive until Wednesday of next week. Others who ordered the Nexus 4, and specifically those in the early part of December, are saying that they have not received any sort of shipment indication from Google.

The Nexus 4 remains sold out though Google managed to ship a new wave of orders out today.


So while this isn’t a clear indication that more stock of the Nexus 4 is on the way, it does seem like it could be a bit of progress in regards to the Nexus 4’s inevitable return to the Google Play Store.

Since the end of November, the Nexus 4 has been dealing with shipping issues that at first, pushed its shipping dates all the way into 2013. Shortly after that, the Nexus 4 8GB sold out completely and several weeks later, the 16GB Nexus 4 model followed suit. As it stands, the device is currently unavailable through Google’s website leaving third-party websites like eBay and Craigslist as the only places where customers can find it for sale.

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Those websites though offer prices that are far more expensive than the ones that are being offered through Google’s website, making the Google Play Store the place that most people have ordered from.

And until Google and LG can figure out the supply issues, issues that the companies have seemingly blamed on each other, these will be the only places that buyers will be able to find the unlocked Nexus 4.


  1. I got charged today, but i have not received any shipment information yet :(.
    i ordered my Nexus 4 on December 1, by the way

  2. Mine dispatched today. Ordered on November 4th with initial 6-7 week estimate so ahead of schedule.

      • I got shipping notification today on a Nexus i ordered 00:36:52 UTC 14. desember 2012
        But the order from 03:51:13 UTC 11. desember 2012 is still just “Pre-ordered”

  3. I ordered on November 27th and have received no such notice that mine will be shipping? @Nere did you order 8gb or 16gb? it may be because i ordered a 16gb nexus 4.

  4. I ordered the 8gb on november 27th as well and am yet to receive any notification whatsoever. No changes have been made since i placed the order. Google is playing games with its customers. How is it that some people ordered on december and are already getting shipping notifications while those that ordered as far back as november are still left out? First come first served google, note that

  5. I order 8gb on Nov 27th. Just received confirmation from Google at 2 am and tracking number showed up at UPS around 1pm. Scheduled for Monday delivery. Happy New Year!

  6. I ordered mine November 27th with a 2-3 week ship date. Received it on the 10th of December. They(Google) withdrew money from my bank and put the money back in, then withdrew again. I didn’t understand the point, but I didn’t care, because I had the phone in my hand a few days later.

    GL everyone

    • Same with me. I ordered the 16gb model. It is nuts that some people who ordered earlier still haven’t received shipping info yet and some who ordered way later have the phone already. I even ordered and received the bumper,too.

  7. I ordered my 16GB on Nov. 28th and I received a notification at 2am today. It’ll arrive on the 31th. Just in time for new year.

  8. Ordered 8GB on 28th Nov, and wallet says “Google received the order on 30th”, estimated shipping time 8 – 9 weeks :). So prob by end of Jan ?

  9. I ordered mine on 12/02 (US), I got charged today 12/28, but no shipping info. Google wallet has no updates, it doesn’t even mention anything about the charge.

  10. My card was charged yesterday at 2am and got my tracking number at 2pm and I will be getting my nexus 4 monday.

  11. Just received E-mail from Google PLAY my N4 had been shipped out! I think this round of stock would full fill all order before December. If you haven’t received info, I think you will get it soon!

  12. I ordered on the 4th of December (UK) and got mine yesterday ;-). Well ahead of my expected date of Jan 5th. It`s awesome.

  13. I ordered one nexus 4 (16G ) 11/28 and another one (16G )12/13 have notification this morning of tracking numbers from UPS for both units. :-)

  14. Got a shipping confirmation from Google (ordered on the 4th)

    The UPS tracking number doesn’t work yet though and its been almost two days. Weird…

  15. I can’t wait for the Nexus 4 to be back in stock from the google play store. The wait is killing me!!!!

  16. why don’t google come out and clear confusion about delivery schedule, it’s lioke anarchy , where no body cares…

  17. Orderded Nexus 4 16 GB on Dec 12 (UK), supposingly one of the last to be available! I always here from people ordering first days of Dec of the end of Nov, the latest was Dec 4. Any late order having received shipment info at least?

  18. Just received my shipping notice this morning (Jan 3rd). Ordered on Dec 3rd and got charged on Dec 28th. Tried calling Google a couple of times this week to find out why there was such a delay between charge and shipment. They answered right away but were of no use. They just regurgitated what was on Google Wallet. It was also the first time in a long while that I had to spell my first name “A-N-D-Y” to a person who spoke perfect English. Anyway, ETA is 1/4 end of day.

    • I got the tracking number 1 day after I got charged and it had no tracking info until 2 days later. It took 4 days to get it after that, but because there was a weekend and a holiday in between.

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