Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs. Sony Xperia Z

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  1. Tal

    Seriously the only downside for the bote2 is its pen. 90% of the users I think love it but simply dont really use the pen. If Sami got that and removed it, while reducing its price appropriately it could be just great. The 6.3″ prospects of the note3 along side a really top notch experience and the folding prospects of note4 are enough to keep us buying it every year. just my 2cp

    • Ryu

      Just 3 Things regarding the S Pen comment you made, Tal.
      1. You wouldn’t say that if you ever tried to pull out S Pen during the call when you needed to jot down the memo…includes phone numbers, address, direction and so on.
      2. You wouldn’t say that if you ever tried to use the S Pen when you watch the video and tried to find out the scene you want to review. Try to use the Air View and you’ll be amazing how easy to get to the point where you want to watch.
      3. You wouldn’t say that if you ever surfed the website such as ESPN and try to select the sub menu from the main menu. Without S Pen you can only Click the Main Menu but with S Pen, you can navigate all the sub menu just like using your PC Mouse.

      In addition, you sound like you never tried to be creative.
      Try once using S Pen and making a photo greeting card with your own signature from the S Menu selection and send it to your one of loved ones. She or He’ll love your Own ART!

    • mex

      Man, if you know how many drawings I’ve made to home repair or design or to show to the sellers what I need. I know person who write on Note, pro music notes and send them to the members of his band.

  2. J. Williams (@mrjlwilliams)

    You guys should not match a phone against a phablet, it’s pointless. GNote 2 is better

  3. mex

    Nothing beats Note on productivity yet.
    The replaceable battery I use all the time , not charging the Note and wait for it, but charging the other battery on wall dock , and just swap it. It’s big advantage.

  4. abu afak

    The article has ZERO taste.
    How could you not mention the Note 2 is CRAP.
    Too dark, (lacka lux), Green Tinged white, Weird over-saturated colors.
    It’s Garbage.

    Xperia will be twice as bright (judging by the TL/4.6 and press releases) with True White and Brilliant colors.

    Yeah, you Clown, keep telling us about stats like pixels etc

    Note 2 is UGLY.. Xperia Beautiful.

  5. Shen

    Note 2 IS upgradable to wireless charge. All you need a new back cover or some DIY skills. There’re a lot tutorials already, just google it.

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