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  1. prs2011

    Wireless charging? Then what is that black thing in the picture on the right with the plug attached to it?

    It’s less ‘wireless’ and more like ‘portless’ as the difference is you don’t have to directly plug a wire into a port on the phone. Whilst I can see it be an advantage for extremely lazy people, it’s not quite the ‘dream’ I’ve had of wireless power yet.

    • Deepak

      nicely said prs 2011

  2. Christopher Boyer

    Wireless charging is meaningless if you have to be on a charging pad, why not just plug it in. Verizon is not better where I live, they have more dead spots than AT&T. Software updates are the one thing that make me hesitant switching to Android.

    • Jason Itell

      In my experience, verizon has more dead spots in more areas than either sprint or at&t. What they have done right for marketing purposes is putting all of their investment I’m into highly populated urban areas so the people who tweet the most loudly on social networks get good results out of Verizon.

  3. Cory Weston (@gaymormondude)

    You do know that last year HTC had the fastest update time right? HTC phones where updated in 4 months. Samsung phones in 6. So HTC delaying updates not if last year is to be believed. You can go on about the year before but 2012 HTC had the best Android update record. A lot of the delays can be blamed on the carrier. Mainly AT&T and Verizon which both were at the bottom in terms of updates. T-Mobile was the carrier with the fastest updates with Sprint second.

    • stumpyshells

      cool thats good to know please post up which fantasy land you got your facts from

      • м ч × Φ м α † ● s €

        google “HTC upgrades Android devices faster than any of its rivals” and you should find the news from 21 december, I tried to include a couple of links but apparently it’s not allowed to post links

    • м ч × Φ м α † ● s €

      totally agree with you, and not only in 2012 but apparently throughout the whole android history (I tried to include some links in an early attempt to post this comment but it seems it’s not allowed).. I don’t live in the U.S. so I’ve got the international 32GB version of the OneX and I received the jelly bean update on 16 november (which happened to be my birthday too, so it was like htc gave me a bday present)

  4. Natasha lloyd

    Other than there being no expandable memory, the reasons given are a total farce. These are things that a Samsung fan would put up. No matter how much the other rival companies do, there will always be faults to be found. For once, give it up to HTC for making such a gorgeous phone that is full of amazing features.

    • LNX

      Not So Fast! I’ve been a HTC user since 2005 & I’m done with them. Horrible battery life & no way to pop in a freshly charged 2nd battery is a deal breaker for me. There’s also no reason good enough to have launched with 4.1.2. The Samsung S4 will be my 1st NON HTC phone in 8 years.

      • Bob

        I’m just as tempted as you. I’ve been using HTC since the hero. I’m tempted to move on. wanted the xperia z but the viewing angles and s4pro ruined it :/

      • fknshwow

        I moved on… I had the desire HD and the HTC one x, now i have the galaxy s3.. can i just say… the galaxy s3 feels like an over priced piece of sh*t… made of horrible weak materials, touchwiz is pretty crap compared to sense. HTC make incredible phones, and even when they do make them out of plastic, they use good plastic (Unlike the S3) that makes the phone feel solid. I cant wait for the HTC one, i missed you HTC

    • donpark1

      I agree with you… but I don’t even care about the expandable memory. If I need more than 32GB I need to use my computer. LOL. I thought that it was just me that the 6 ways were kinda lame… Ultimately, if you had to list something and these are the best ways that the galaxy could be better, I like this phone even more. I think the camera sold me.

      • м ч × Φ м α † ● s €

        and I agree with you (both).. actually, if we were to be rigurous about it (and not even too much) only 3 of the ‘ways’ refer to the devices as such, the other 3 are related to software and/or depend on the carriers (and the part about the updates is not even true, as I wrote in another comment)

  5. Mohd Aktar

    Samsung is a great company and I love Samsung gadgets. The features of the Galaxy S4 is better then HTC.

    • Jerome

      Nope the features of the S4 are gimmicky

    • fknshwow

      for one…. galaxy s4 hasnt even been released yet, for all we know it could be a revamped S3. and secondly… the features listed above are pointless wank factors!!

  6. LT

    I agree. That’s not wireless charging and I really don’t care about it. I have no problem plugging my phone at night. I don’t care about the sd card neither. We live in the clouds now. I believe my current HTC EVO 3D has a 16gb card and I never had to change it. I’m definitely getting this phone.

  7. youssef chehade

    Actually will you grab your phone or the wireless pad ?, SD card useless I’m on 16 GB and I have 10 GB free space , updates HTC is the best despite this bad year 2012 , build quality will be better on HTC , sound , resolution even better camera also … No I think HTC is the best smartphone maker for this year

    • fknshwow


    • Scuertis

      Sorry, the Camera is worse, poor assumption on your part.

  8. Lu

    Only thing I didn’t like about the HTC ONE X’s is the multi tasking, when you switch apps it would have to reload the page. However to me it had the best sound output, and best view of the screen in direct sunlight from any other and of course the built quality was solid. So I know that the new ONE will be worthy. I still wanna wait to see what Samsung got up their sleeves with the GS4 before making my decision for my next smartphone. either way this year will be fun.

  9. elesia

    am ready to upgrade from galaxys2 to four. i love anything galaxy.

    • Syn Nickle

      Clearly you didn’t like the S3 ;)

  10. sergios

    i thing you don’t know what you say, you are out of the reality

  11. Seth

    Wireless charging is very restrictive. It makes it more difficult to make a phone call or even surf the web because you have restricted the range of motion. I can hold the phone in my hand and write this review while my phone charges with a cord. I know which way works best for me. also 2300mah should be plenty. with 1800mah in my rezound I can get 2 full days (light use) with much older technology and ics.

  12. elango

    The Samsung S3 is too big and the plastic casing will break over time and normal use. My phone broke exactly center on either side of the screen(not the screen but the case only). The phone case is not designed to withstand small stress because of it’s length. The HTC One’s metal case is cool!! The metal casing is a must for such big phones and HTC One will wins the argument. Check here for more info http://www.knowyourmobile.com/blog/1494685/samsung_galaxy_s3_cracked_case_problems.html

  13. Trevor

    The htc One in white looked good out of the box, but over time it turned dull grey and looked like a child’s used toy and performed liked one, while my brother’s Samsung galaxy s3 still looks like a premium phone and performs better than the htc. I’m getting the galaxy s4 when it comes out, period.

    • м ч × Φ м α † ● s €

      ok not to change your mind or anything but my OneX looks exactly as white as day 1, and with the quick updates it got to perform flawlessly.. but the s3 even new out of the box to me looks like a cheap toy and the user interface is dull and boring

  14. wofg

    But, less gimmicky than the useless features like the louder boost in beats audio in One X.

  15. kd

    like the piece of crap most of the htc phones have been, including the one and done X. it looks worse in person than on line and no different for the new htc One. I’m done with htc forever, galaxy here I come.

  16. CasTillo

    They always say that samsung galaxy can Beat hTc One but thats not true.Im using Samsung galaxy S3 My friend is using hTc Desire X he Beat me with ultra-pixels and faster Software Updates and it is good at Sound plus it designed by Dr dre. I will never use Samsung again.I will use hTc and Sony.People say that samsung Beat hTc because of popularity Not at features.stupid raters always put Samsung on Top

  17. Riley

    I think the Galaxy S4 will have the potential to take on the HTC One and the iPhone 5. Samsung seems to be improving on an already good design which was very successful. One thing that I hope they include is the 1080p display, seeing as it’s something the top smartphones comes with these days. Throughout the commute to and from work at DISH, I like to stream my live and recorded shows on my phone, since it takes some time getting there. I like using the DISH Anywhere app to stream from my DVR wherever I go, and I’d like a higher resolution display to watch them on.

  18. Phone Guy

    You are all a hoot, fighting like little girls who really know nothing what so ever about technology. They are both good phones. I’m am using the Galaxy Note 2 currently, and the features are excellent, but the build quality of the phone is crappy (I am on my third one as they break so easily). The HTC brand has much better build quality, but the software is a hare behind some of the features of Samsung. Samsung has about 10 special features on the Note 2 that are really useful that I wish the HTC phones had. (like the screen won’t go dark when you are looking at it, the phone dials your contact or person in a text when you hold it up to your face, and many more).

    So if you want the newest bells and whistles (some are amazing, some just showy), go with the Galaxy S4. If you want a better hardware phone build, go with the HTC. And for those who don’t want wireless charging, you are missing the boat. The phone will still have the wired USB charging port as well as the option to wireless charge if you chose that option. So if you have a car with a charge pad as some do, you can easily drop your phone and charge. Wireless charging isn’t a necessity, but it will help, in addition, to wired charging. Personally I keep mangling my charge ports when I drop the phone with the cord attached. Yes, clumsy, but the wireless charging may have helped that. And if I need to talk with a dead battery, just plug the old USB charger in. Stop fighting kids. That’s what you sound like.

  19. thescottplace (@thescottplace)

    I love htc phones. I had 2 htc wm6 phones and and the first evo. However the lack of a removable battery was a deal breaker with the one X and will be a deal breaker with the one. I thought the author missed the point of the removable battery. Most people don’t buy the extended battery. I buy extra stock batteries. You can get them dirt cheap. I got a real samsung battery for my galaxy s3 for around 10 bucks with working nfc. I still use my Evo when I go hiking for a gps and it’s nice to have 6 extra batteries (that I paid 2 dollars a piece for) on the extended trips. I would rather have a htc but I will only use phones with a removable battery. Hope someday I can come back to htc.

    • LNX

      Wow I thought I was the only one to feel exactly this way.

  20. B

    Both of these phones are more than what the average consumer will ever need, it all comes down to personal preference. I personally would take good speakers, a better build quality and a superior lens with some cool editing software over a bunch of novel software. That being said it would have been nice to have a removable battery and a micro sd card slot.. haters gonna hate.

    • LNX

      If Samsung ever steps up their build quailty, it’s Game Over for HTC!

  21. Adrianzka Mayreswara

    I don’t want either phone. I want galaxy note 3. I’m using note 2 right now. You cant go back from note. At least i think so.

  22. HCC

    I truly appreciate the removable battery in my S3. I picked up a 4500mAh battery (with customised back!) from a seller in HK on fleabay and this lasts at least 3 days with heavy use. Once I watched 3 movies on a long haul flight (about 8h constant video) and there was over 65% battery left afterwards. With moderate use the battery lasts 4-5 days, it will probably go a whole week with mild use for the odd call, text and email and Facebook check.
    Couple that with a 64GB microSD-XC card and I have about 20 movies and my entire music collection of 35GB on my phone. Now that’s incredible. Thank you Samsung!!

    • Liam Neville

      Fully agree with that. I also paid all of £8 delivered for a 5000mAh battery and this lasts ages. For the first time with a smartphone I actually don’t have power anxiety, don’t keep checking if I have the USB cable and car charger with me, and don’t worry about how long I should be on Facebook or play Temple Run to retain some battery until I get home. The extended battery does make the phone bigger and heavier, but as with everything in life compromise is a necessary evil.
      Sure, the build quality may not be up there with the Apples or HTCs but in terms of the customer friendly design decisions made by Samsung (removable battery + microSD slot) I cannot fault them.

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