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  1. Andy Jones

    The iPhone 4S at Virgin Mobile sells for $450, not $550. See the Virgin Mobile homepage.

    • ICRegal

      I was going to post the same thing. Very poor reporting by Chuong.

      • Andy Jones

        Looks to me like a typo, so my comment is just a correction. Also worth noting that the iPhone 4 at VM costs $349. I am very confident that the iPhone 5 will become available from VM by July, and very likely much sooner.

      • AleQQ

        They were originally $550 and $650 until Christmas 2012. They are now $350/$450

  2. robert cole

    Will these iphones have direct connect?

    • Raffy

      Don’t think that will happen anytime soon.

    • Brittany Davis

      Possibly you have to pay a bill!

  3. Raffy

    The iPhone 4S was $550 when it came out the price just dropped about four mouths ago

  4. Andy Jones

    The folks who answer the phones on VM’s support phone number say that the iPhone 5 is coming. They are working out service and product roll-out as well as service pricing. I presume that the service will cost the same as 4G LTE for the Samsung Galaxy Victory. I think that’s priced at $30/month if you have your credit card automatically charged every month.

    • VM Customer

      I’m a VM customer who just bought the iPhone 4 could I upgrade to the 5 when it’s available and do you know how much it would cost ?

      • Andy Jones

        I don’t know. I am holding on to my current VM phone, which is failing, until the iPhone 5 becomes available. I’d be happy with a 4s with more than 16 GB of memory.

  5. Boost Mobile Customer

    I want Boost Mobile to the iPhone 5. Virgin Mobile customer sucks!

    • faz

      u suck for being immature, this is not a high school forum.

    • Yuria

      I’m with Boost Mobile now and their customer service is just as bad!

  6. faz

    Im a VM customer and the 4s was 550 when it first came out. so far have no complaints and cant wait for the 5 to come out and Im sure we could upgrade for sum fees.

    • Bob Bob

      Dude….upgrade…for…some..fees. Ahahahahahahah, it does not work that way!!! You have to purchase the phone for full price!!!

  7. Boost Mobile Customer


  8. Jeff

    you dont upgrade, you just buy the phone and activate it to your existing account and your other phone will no longer be the active phone. That is prepaid, you use whatever phone you want as long as you buy it…. I use the 4, works great and does everything I need. I got out of the I want the newest and greatest stage because it got old with new rollouts and am happy…. Life is simple now, no feelings of I got to have it… was hard at first but am okay now….

    • VM Customer

      Thanks preciate it

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