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  1. dan

    apple is so stupid they come out with stuff every month its so ******* stupid.

    • Hideyokids,hideyowife,andhideyohusband.causetheyrapingeverybodyupinthere

      you so dumbbbb

    • Andre Richards

      Does your mommy know you’re using the computer?

  2. J

    You don’t HAVE to buy every new thing they make, buy one and upgrade every couple of years or whenever you can afford it.

  3. ea1958

    I switched from PC to iPad with iPad2. I now have an iPad Mini.
    I am not sorry that I traded my obsession with tinkering for something that just works. Also, the iPad created a useful barrier against wasting time on the bleeding-edge of technology.
    PS-I still have access to desktops and do use them for production work, often, but I live on-the-road, and get by well with just the iPad.
    PSS-I might move back to the full-size iPad if it comes in lighter, plus, jailbreak it and add Bluetooth mouse.

  4. Czer pathrill

    i think ipad4 a replacement for ipad3 which have some uncertainties.the ipad ’3′ doesnt exist.ipad ’4′ is the 3rd gen ipad..the retina display(currently in store) is the ipad3 and as for the ipad mini,maybe its just an experiment to see how and what costumer wants for the upcoming ipad from various reviews. MAYBE apple are trying to recover their cycle this year. well it’s just my opinion since ipad 2 still in sale….
    i never had apple product before because the specs never satisfy me. hope this year’s spec will hit my expectation.
    ”’Boo’-ing at someone’s opinion? u suck” -russel peters-

    • Rodman999

      Czer, The 4th gen iPad has a faster chip (A6X vs A5X) and a lightning plug. Both have retina displays. No major changes but you have to classify them one way or another, hence they are the 3rd and 4th generation iPads.

  5. Lisa32

    How do you set up your Ipad Mini if you donot have Wi-Fi coverage? And what else can you use to set up the1st Time. it’s really frustrating not to be able to use the ipad. And go the so called I-tunes set-up doesn’t work AT ALL. Who ever came up with that need to go back to school or something.

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