Sony Promises Fix for Xperia Z Bricking Issue

When you buy an expensive flagship smartphone with a screen as vibrant as the full HD 1080p display on the Sony Xperia Z, you expect to stare at that little window all day. Unfortunately, for some early adopters of the Xperia Z handset, there are numerous reports of bricking issues, or a problem where the phone would not turn on. Sony is aware of the issue, and the company promises that a software update is in the works to fix this problematic fix that essentially turns the Xperia Z into an expensive, albeit waterproof, paperweight.

urlAccording to Xperia Blog, a┬ásmall percentage of those with bricked Xperia Z handsets have reported that by performing a hard reset–simultaneously holding down the power button as well as the volume up button–on the phone, they were able to revive the phone back to life. However, this issue only worked for some users as the same procedure would not breathe further life into the Xperia Z for other owners.

It’s unclear what’s going on with the phone and why this is happening. According to Sony, the problem may be due to the fact that there is low charge on these handsets, but many Xperia owners with defective handsets are crying out that their smartphones are fully charged yet are still plagued by this issue. It just appears that though the Xperia Z is tough enough to survive being boiled, it’s not tough enough to get the stare down given to it by its owners.

It’s unfortunate that the Xperia Z was let out of the gates with this issue as this has been one of the most talked about phones in recent history for Sony.

At this point, it’s also unknown if the same bricking issue is affecting the Xperia ZL, which is a close cousin to the Xperia Z smartphone.



  1. mike says

    I’m hearing that this issue (almost all) are related to rooted or modified phones. Could be something to check into

  2. Eric Hang says

    This was an issue I had quite frequently with the xperia ion for the first month or 2 after release. Took a while before I realized you could hard reset by pressing the power and volume up button. Not my ion ear speaker isn’t functioning. I love that sony is finally starting to take their mobile phones seriously but I’d really like to see a lot of these bugs worked out before release

  3. abu afak says

    I’m SICK of reading about Z’s problems and reviews and comparisons.





  4. gaz says

    I bought the phone in new York $800. Is pretty impressive, only had one issue so far. When you submerge the device the speaker becomes very low. This however gets fixed after a while. I read somewhere that it’s supposed to happen and I can confirm that after a while 30-50 minutes the volume becomes normal. I actually went to a pool and used it as a underwater camera. This phone is truly amazing and worthy the money.

  5. Revived from the dead says

    My phone just went brick, freaked me out since I bought from China for $600 last month and there’s no warranty. Thanks for sharing the hard reset option, my phone is now back alive. Great phone hope it lives up to Sony quality from back in they days…

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