Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Details Emerge in New Leaks

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  1. Android Times

    The phone is more like Galaxy SIII. The specs as in 2013 are not too impressive.

  2. ODdin(crwolv)

    Google has proven phones are not bank dumb down to old azz technology and make it a crappy qhd screen is an insult. one but Google listens to consumers.oh well were ignorant.look at who we elect.

  3. Aamir Lehri

    Thanks for the information about Samsung Galaxy S4 mini

  4. Amandeep Niles

    As a mobile expert which would you recommend the GS4 or GS4 mini? Most of the spec i’m ok with but the lower PPI is a barrier, how significant is the difference to phone quality? I’ve currently got the GS4 on my WishPlz ( ) list but am considering switching to the mini.

    • Taz Hedley

      @Amandeep Niles

      Apple has set the standard of PPI to 326 based on the fact that at that density pixels are imperceptible to the human eye. So anything below 326 and you are likely to notice a stark difference. However I have not seen any studies done to measure the quality difference above 326. I would be interested to see some. As for what should be on you’re WishPlz list, I recommend

  5. Smartphones

    That’s good Samsung is taking care of people with low budgets too by launching smaller versions of their flagship devices. I wish apple too release iPhone mini.

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