Samsung: Quad-Core CPU Required for Android 5.0

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  1. Daniel Blois

    I doubt it since that would not allow the US version of the S3 to Get Android 5.0 since it is only a dual core CPU.

    • safiullah

      s3 has a quad core processor

      • sfsdfas

        the us version is only dual core

  2. Sean Devin

    This will more likely be due to the sale numbers being too low to bother than number of cores. Processor speed itself would be a better reason over cores, but I don’t think it’s the reason, a better reason could be this over the top customising Sansung do.

    Why can’t we have more phone makers releasing pure unadulterated, untouched android?

  3. Eye4detail

    Samsung has found a way to create a cutoff point for updates. This doesn’t mean 5.0 will have a quad core requirement. It simply means Samsung decided that this was the best way to limit the amount of devices they’d have to update. Now they can make “user experience” claims and have a single piece of hardware to point to as the culprit.

    There are dual core CPUs that perform on par with some quad cores. There are quad cores (like the Tegra 4) that are said to be equal to Samsung’s octa-core.

    Number of cores does not equal amount of performance. It’s just a way for OEMs to make people think there’s a tangible reason their device won’t get updated. Those of us who follow tech know better. Or at least, we’re supposed to. Maybe this article should’ve been “Samsung puts artificial cap on Android updates”. Especially since Google has never once put a minimum hardware spec on an Android release. But you already knew that, right?

    • David Heim

      Well, Samsung’s Octa core processor isn’t really 8 processors. They’re just 4 A15 processors clocked at 1.6ghz that’ll handle the harder tasks and 4 A7 processors clocked at 1.2ghz that’ll handle the menial tasks. These processors cannot be used at the same time. So technically, Samsung is using quad core processors.

    • Andres Galvan

      Makes no sense at all. The Nexus 10 has a Exynos 4 Dual clocked at 1.7GHz and is considered and benchmarked as one of the best performing tablets out there. It beats the Tegra 3 Nexus 7 out of the ballpark. This is ludacris…

  4. Jeff

    Android 5.0 will not have a quad core requirement seeing as the Nexus line has at least a 2 year update plan and the Nexus 10 came out less than a year ago. Google would not do this because it goes against the entire Nexus line as one of the selling points is the exclusive, immediate updates. I would bet that Samsung is just making it this way so that they don’t have to build updates for their older devices and to try and use 5.0 as a selling point for their next generation of tablets.

  5. Zay

    I call bullshit… its just coincidence. Samsung and most carriers(american at least) have always had a two year EOL(end of life) limit, thats all this is. Most device released before 2012 were dual core so its coincidence,. Quad core isnt a requirement for 5.0 as that would eliminate goggles own flagship 10 tab the nexus 10 which was only released at the end of 2012. Google isnt that dumb, they actually just started promoting the device, so they are gearing up to give it even more attention. For that matter neither is Samsung, who has at least one dual core device confirmed to get key lime pie; the u.s. galaxy s3. It’d be ridiculous for them to update the international version and not the U.S. version. The backlash would be too great and probably hinder sales of future devices like the S4 which also has alternate version, due to consumer mistrust. This isnt good reporting or even speculation … sensational b.s. to get readers. The writer knows (or should know) better as someone who really follows tech.

    • Kendrick

      Google’s devices have AOSP Android as stock software. Samsung’s devices, however, have TouchWiz on top of them.

  6. Rick

    If nothing is on the xda are still there with the pure android

  7. kobi

    Just dont buy samsung.

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