Motorola X Phone Specs Reportedly Won’t Kill Galaxy S4, iPhone 5S

The Motorola X Phone, which has been rumored to be both a superphone and a more realistic smartphone, is once again back in rumors and this time, the rumors suggest that the specifications of the X Phone won’t be comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the iPhone 5S.

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For months now, Motorola X Phone rumors have raged on with details leaking out suggesting one of two things. The first, a superphone with an impressive array of specifications including a 4,000 mAh battery. The second, a more realistic device that will be the first in the X Phone brand from Motorola. A new rumor suggests that the latter of the two will be the case and that the first Motorola X Phone will land sometime in July of this year, something that we heard previously.

The first X Phone, set to replace the Droid RAZR MAXX HD, is rumored for a July release.

The first X Phone, set to replace the Droid RAZR MAXX HD, is rumored for a July release.

A new report from Android and Me claims that the Motorola X Phone is slated for a July release which lines up with one of the original rumors that we heard about Motorola’s rumored device. If that holds up, and all rumors thus far point to a summer release, the device will more than likely launch at Google I/O in May. This again is something that has been rumored in the past.


It appears that the July release may be some type of exclusive release and that a larger release isn’t planned until November. What this means is unclear but the Nexus devices tend to launch in the winter so there could be some type of connection.

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The Google I/O seems to be the target for an X Phone launch.

The Google I/O seems to be the target for an X Phone launch.

Again, the Motorola X Phone is claimed to be a customizable device and new details have seemingly emerged. Customers will evidently be able to choose from a wide range of color options, select their building materials from a list of plastic, metal, and carbon fiber, internal storage space and customized software.

This is something that Motorola employee Guy Kawasaki alluded to in a recent Google+ post and it seems to be one of the big details of the upcoming Motorola smartphones. Customizable hardware apparently won’t come with this version so that means RAM is off the table it seems.

There is said to be a logo on the back that responds to touch commands.

The X Phone specs aren't said to be iPhone 5S or Galaxy S4 killers.

The X Phone specs aren’t said to be iPhone 5S or Galaxy S4 killers.


The hardware specifications apparently will be “comparable” to the HTC One but that the device won’t be a Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5S killer. What this means isn’t entirely clear given that the HTC One has some pretty amazing specifications. Perhaps, it just means that it’s not going to blow consumers away with its specifications, something that Google seemed to allude to when it said that Motorola’s product pipeline did not have a ‘wow’ factor.

Apparently this won’t be the only X Phone released this year and it appears that Motorola could also launch a Nexus smartphone outside of the X Phone brand which is perhaps why we’ve heard some crazy rumors that don’t seem to add up.

Past rumors indicated that the X Phone may be coming with a Nikon branding, perhaps related to the camera. So while this X Phone may not have it, a future Motorola phone, possibly a Nexus, might.