Motorola Droid Bionic Jelly Bean Update Starts Rolling Out

The Motorola Droid Bionic Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update started rolling out to the public last night and is currently in the midst of hitting owners of the aging dual-core powered Motorola smartphone, just a few days after Verizon approved the update for arrival.

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Last week, Verizon approved the Motorola Droid Bionic Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for arrival and just a short time ago, the software started rolling out for owners of the old flagship. The software, which is not as massive as one might think, checks in at less than 100MB, and should be a fairly quick install once the prompt arrives.

The Motorola Droid Bionic Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update is rolling out now.

The Motorola Droid Bionic Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update is rolling out now.


As of right now, the update is indeed rolling out but we aren’t sure if it’s a widespread roll out or if it’s limited to groups of Droid Bionic owners. We imagine that if it’s not rolling out to the masses that it will be soon, within the next few days. Verizon typically rolls out its updates in phases which means that some owners get the update before others.

Those that wish to download and install the software will need to head into the device’s settings in order to check for the prompt. Those that don’t need the software immediately can simply sit back and wait for the prompt to arrive. Those that don’t wish to wait for the prompt can download the software right now if they want, using a manual installation method.

The update will replace the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich software that the Droid Bionic has been rolling with for quite some time. Jelly Bean is a huge upgrade over Google’s Android 4.0 software as it brings a number of enhancements to the table.

Among those, Google Now, a faster and smoother UI, improved multitasking and widgets, better Face Unlock, and more.

It’s not clear if the Droid Bionic’s Android 4.1 update is the last Android update the aging device will get but with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean out and Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie on the way, there are certainly some options for Motorola and Verizon to choose from. For now, Droid Bionic owners should just be happy with Android 4.1.


  1. seotrends says

    It hit my phone this morning (7:30 EST). I installed and my phone is now unusable. I get the following error every 30 secs “Unfortuantely, the process has stopped.”. I am not able to call out or receive calls. Furthermore, the battery was drained by 11AM (it was @ 100% at 7:30 during install). I would advise waiting.

  2. Sal says

    I received the update late last night (12:55am – Los Angeles). It took about a 40-45 minutes to download and about another 12-15 minutes to install. Its running fine on my Bionic. As far as looks/interface/design not too many changes compared to when ICS was released but performance is yet to be evaluated.

  3. Ffred says

    Run like hell from this update. It is worse then the last one. New font looks like crap. There is no way to change the font either. My phone now has no indicator as to what mode it is in, 1x, 3g or 4g. You just see bars. For a company like Verizon where I have to be in 4g to use both phone and data at the same time, this tells me that they have no idea what they are doing anymore. I am done with Motorola products. The Bionic has not lived up to the hype and it seems I will be switching carriers when my contract is up as Verizon has lost all sense too. No wonder they are in business together.

    • JCorpuz says

      Not sure what you’re talking about as far as the mode goes. I took the update and nothing has changed for me in that regard. I still know if I’m in 1x, 3G, or 4G. As far as the font goes, that’s a subjective opinion. I happen to like the font.

  4. RJM says

    100Mb download, then 20+ minutes to update. After reboot, found no hiccups, but it’s early. After suffering waits to buy it, then waits to have it updated, this device may have some decent life left in it. Hope springs eternal.

  5. MJP says

    Updated this morning and haven’t found any of the problems reported above. I haven’t tested out everything yet, but my battery life seems much improved compared to the ICS update.

  6. ABP says error made mine inoperable what is the solution how do you roll back to the previous operating version

  7. NeverGetItWet (@NeverGetItWet) says

    phone updated last night. This morning I wake to find my phone no longer functional. Unfortunately the process has stopped. My phone was bone stock with only about 5 apps installed. Mine was probably one of the most stock config phone out there, and now, while I am 5 states away from home on a business trip. My phone is not working. great job verizon

  8. phoneaddict says

    Updated yesterday, had to reboot my phone a couple of times to work out some bugs, but now everything works great except Nova Launcher and I lost Root access. Nevertheless I am amazed by the awesomeness of Jelly Bean, the functionality of voice commands, the fluid UI and the interactive notification bar. Other than that, not any other changes I can see to my Bionic with this update.

    • Fitz says

      If this is true, I will be a happy human. I had almost given up hope on that. Now I need to go out and buy some headphones.

  9. aymal0088 says

    Got the update. In Northern Virginia. It’s been updating all day…saying it failed…i thought it was an app update until I just checked this page. Can’t wait for it to be done, at 54% right now!

  10. marc says

    I Installed it This Morning & My Phone Is Unusable!! I’ve Been Getting The Same Prompt as The Others Above. Please Help Me With How To Uninstall this Update?? I Can’t Use Backup Assistant Either, Which Makes It Hard to Restore it to Stock or To Remove The Sim Card/SD Card.

  11. Shauna says

    I just got the update a few hours ago and my phone is worthless now. I can’t even call for help because my PHONE WON’T LET ME MAKE A PHONE CALL!! I am hating Motorola right about now.

  12. Tufur says

    I just finished my second Bionic. I lost the AccuWeather widget, but I’m sure there are better weather apps out now. This is one slick update. Everything is smoother. It did turn haptic feedback on again and I haven’t found the off switch yet. I haven’t checked to see if the buzzer has been increased for table racing yet. 8) Now about Verizon and Motorola unlocking the boot……..

  13. Kristin says

    Hate this update!! Its cumbersome, deleted half my contacts, deleted an entire photo album I had saved a ton of pics of my newborn nephew and I can’t find it on the phone anywhere!! How do I go back to the old version??

  14. scott says

    I want to go back! Everything crashes. Gallery doesn’t seem functional. Videos don’t play. Google….well that app is completely useless takes forever to search. I can’t stand it! It is slllloooooooowwwww. Take me back to the old OS!!!!

  15. Matthew Abeyta II (@matthewabeyta) says

    Updated my phone before reading all these lousy comments. In the process now…help me God haha. I figure it can’t be any worse than the ics update my phone has been practically unusable for the past 6 months it’s slowed down so much.

  16. Mark says

    Las Vegas NV. 5-9-13 got update earlier today have not had any problems as of yet. Seems to work faster but will check out and wait for any changes tomorrow.

  17. yelpper says

    OMG..if it isn’t broke why fix it.. …. now photo music text all jacked up and simple cut and paste in text will not work! WTF

  18. Kathy says

    I lost the photos taken by the phone camera; photos from messaging and downloads okay. My Droid Bionic cannot sync to my Jabra Bluetooth – Jabra “rejects” it.

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