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  1. Lars

    Hi there, your SEO-Team told you some bullshit. Don’t write about Samsung Galaxy S5 with “5 things to know” WITHOUT knowing something. CRAP.

    • soo taransari

      well I already have a Samsung Galaxy S5, so whats this about coming out next year 2014, I bought mine a month ago!!!

      • ollen dupree

        Let me know asap where to get it for my Sprint account.

      • lotus lion

        Where did you buy it and how much did it cost: full retail price or subsidized price with contact ?

      • jaspy

        that would b the s4 looking at this date s5 isnt even prototyped yet

      • Raven

        are you crazy?

    • Samsung-S5-ReleaseDates

      @Lars dont mess up SEO and Smartphones together. Samsung Galaxy S5 is a near future reality.

  2. pradeep

    i recently bought karbonn S5 Titanium..so far good…lets wait n see.. price is low.almost $250 for 5inch android Jelly bean.

  3. Gaurav

    Like the article. Some really good details about Galaxy S5, and I agree with most of them. However, I would love to see a fingerprint sensor and metallic body in the device! It would add to the charm of it. However, I really believe that Samsung will keep the fire up with the next flagship smartphone! Thank you.

  4. healthlifestyleportal

    Now I know what I can use my iPhone for. Since it is more durable than the Samsung S4, I can use my iPhone 4 and 5 for wheel chocks for my truck when I have it jacked up!!! >:) Phones are made to be talked into and used with care, not intended to be able to be run over by a car, smashed into a driveway, etc. By that same token, then you can draw conclusions on the technological aspect by comparing the iPhone with a brick, both are heavy and can be used with little technical saavy!!! http://gadgetbuzz.in/mobile/samsung-galaxy-s5-smartphone-concept-rumors/

  5. vyn

    Well I never keep my phones for more than a year…so the material that it is made of does not affect me… it not a window or something and it dont have to last forever..

  6. richard lapiers

    Cannot wait! Samsung Rolls Royce of Smart phones! the Galaxy S5!
    please make it available to carrier dealers
    on No Contracts! rich fools use contracts!

  7. Galaxy S5

    i’m note sure that the galaxy s5 will have a flexible display

    • iPhone 6 price

      Maby the iphone 6 will have it, but with a wow price

  8. Samsung S5

    You are right. Its very unlikely for Samsung S5 to have a flexible display. That technology will be branded separately as Samsung Youm.

  9. kathyneil

    i am not sure about the flexible display of Samsung S5. and it will have carbon fiber made body .

  10. Jass

    As per the latest rumors, Galaxy S5 will come up with carbon fiber body: http://galaxys5info.com/samsung-galaxy-s5-carbon-fiber

    I doubt flexible display would be there in the device because this technology is still in development.

  11. Himanshu

    This phone looks awesome and specially if it comes with “Flexible Display ” then this will surely be fierce competitor for iPhone.Even though we have too wait to see the first look but this phone is worth waiting.

  12. Deepak Raghav

    Waiting for this smartphone eagerly and having a big fan of galaxy s5 coz of its advanced and unique features..I think It’ll be rocking and can beat easily its competitors….

  13. Arbaz Khan

    I am expecting to get my hands on Samsung Galaxy S5. The smartphone is going to raise the bar for the upcoming smartphones as it will be a power packed device.

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