Verizon Galaxy S4 Bootloader Unlock Coming Soon

It appears that a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 bootloader unlock was successful and that the developer behind the method is prepared to release it for public consumption in the near future.

Several weeks ago, developer Dan Rosenberg revealed that he had discovered a bootloader unlock method for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 which, uncharacteristically, was locked down by Ma Bell. On the heels of that, Rosenberg also answered some of the more popular questions in regards to the unlock method.

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The Verizon Galaxy S4 bootloader unlock method should come soon.


One of the questions pertained to the Verizon Galaxy S4 bootloader which will almost assuredly be locked when it starts arriving on doorsteps in just a few days time. Rosenberg hinted that the method might work for the Verizon Galaxy S4 as well and he would be holding off on a release until after the arrival of the Verizon Galaxy S4, a move aimed that preventing Verizon from patching things up prior to the phone’s release.

Now that Verizon moved its Galaxy S4 release date up to May 23rd, its arrival is imminent and Rosenberg has emerged with some positive news for those that will be getting the phone in just a few days.

According to a tweet, Rosenberg has successfully “booted a custom recovery on the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4,” thanks to someone that he refers to as a “helpful tester.” He also adds that the is looking forward to releasing the method soon though he does not specify any type of date for the bootloader unlock’s arrival.

We imagine that it will be shortly after the device’s release but at this point, it’s impossible to say. AT&T owners should also be looking forward to the arrival of the unlock method as the device has been locked up for weeks now, since it’s arrival back in April.

Verizon’s Galaxy S4 will be the last of the major Galaxy S4 releases in the United States though it won’t be the last Galaxy S4 to emerge. Samsung has not one but two other Galaxy S4’s rumored for arrival including the Galaxy S4 Active and the Galaxy S4 Mini.

Whether their bootloaders will be locked is not clear at this time though it will most likely depend on which carrier they arrive on.



  1. Androider says

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    Missed opportunity.


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