Sony Xperia S Jelly Bean Update Continues to Confuse

The Sony Xperia S Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update is cutting it close to Sony’s self-imposed end of May deadline and from the looks of things, there is still a chance that the update may not make it to the device before the end of the month.

In late April, Sony confirmed the Sony Xperia S Jelly Bean update, along with several other Jelly Bean updates, for roll out by the end of May. Since then, we’ve seen builds emerge, and we’ve even seen a regional arm of Sony exclaim that the Xperia S Android 4.1 update was rolling out. However, from the looks of things, there is a chance that Sony could miss the May deadline.

The Sony Xperia S Jelly Bean roll out situation is a mess.
The Sony Xperia S Jelly Bean roll out situation is a mess.

Thanks to confirmation from Sony Germany, courtesy of AppDated, it now appears that Sony France was wrong, and that the Sony Xperia S Jelly Bean update has not started rolling out to owners of the device. The German arm says that the roll out has not begun and that the software still hasn’t been released. To make matters even more confusing than they already were, Sony Brazil has chimed in with its own information stating that the Xperia S update, at least in Brazil, will touch down in June.

This goes along with what we have heard previously, that some regions may not be getting the Xperia S update until after May comes and goes. If that’s the case, Sony itself isn’t saying. The company remains mum about the exact timing of the Sony Xperia S Jelly Bean update, even as we approach the end of May.

With two days remaining, it’s possible that we could see the update start its roll out but it’s also entirely possible that the company could miss May completely and opt to roll it out in June instead. Sony Germany says that it expects the update to roll out this quarter with the quarter coming to an end at the end of June.

This is just another confusing turn on a long road of them when it comes to the Sony Xperia S Jelly Bean update. However, it appears that at the very least, we’re getting extremely close to a roll out. Whether or not it happens in May, remains to be seen.


  1. Given that it is delayed, I feel Sony is still responsible of being professional in releasing announcements. Giving false hopes to loyal Sony users are putting themselves to unreliable and not credible state. I am starting to pity Sony.

  2. The news for update being released and then it turned out it was a mistake from Sony French team. Sony announced that they are going to release an update by end of month of May………. But i guess they did not specify which may! :-P

  3. sony lost all their support …iam changing to HTC ..They are good in customer support .sony will regret for this,,because like me there are so many peoples…they will also change,we together convert more people to htc or apple…

    • maybe samsung! the most stupidest thing i did was i traded my samsung galaxy s2 and switched to xperia s, no more sony, never!!!

  4. I can’t believe one company such ah Sony can be so incompetent.. They really don’t deserve to sell smartphones such as these.. These delays are like mocking customers.. Like Sony is pointing a middle finger, and laughing: “Ha, that’s what you get for spending truckload money on our flagship model.” If you people need a smartphone, and want it to be supported for at least a reasonable period, then there’s just Apple and Samsung. Heck, even Huawei does a better job..

  5. I for one am very disillusioned with Sony and would hesitate to ever again choose one of their phones.

    Regardless of when the update finally appears, it seems to me that Sony’s PR machine should be engaging in a bit of self reflection and learning. The best way to quell rumors and speculation is surely to produce regular, timely, factual and accurate information of your own and to make sure you keep any promises you make.

    Still, this is the company which released a next generation games console without the presence of the console itself. With marketing genius like that I guess my expectations should be lower.

  6. What’s the problem to Sony give for us an answer and a real report? We want a update, not a fake speculation.

  7. this is beyond a bloody joke, I’m off out right now to trade in my Xperia for something better like Apple.

  8. People, show Sony our power! What we can do if we not satisfied with their customer service! Let’s unite and never buy Sony Smartphone anymore! Show them our true power here.Let’s make Sony smartphone R.I.P from this moment and forever!

  9. I’ve supported Sony for as long as I can remember. Was excited to get my Xperia s when it came out(even though it was inexplicably locked to Rogers even though I bought it outright from the Sony store). Was more excited about the Z but as a Canadian I was shafted again. I can no longer defend Sony. I’m done. Time for a Samsung or HTC ONE. Good bye Sony. Take as long as you want and keep screwing your customers. I’m sure that’s a clear path to continue success.

    • ROFL at all you idiots, dont buy sony, im never buying Sony again blabla ive had x10 and xperia s and when I buy a phone. I buy it for function, design and quality, sony is the only maker who ticks those boxes, I dont buy it for future updates lol, Best thing when sony does updates they add their own great features. Samsung and HTC just overlay a gay user interface on top of cheap quality phones, yes they run a base update quicker, doesn’t make them better! oh and you whiners account for less then a percent of Sony customers if you go to samsung or htc your loss sony couldnt give a shit.

      • Without updates the function you speak of becomes becomes severely lacking. All I know is my Xperia S is extremely laggy and crashes with regularity. Is it too much to ask for regular bug fixes or even just a clear dialogue with their customers. You continue to ROFL Conrad. Just make sure to put your phone in a safe place or that ‘ quality’ piece of equipment will be chipped, scratched and cracked to shit.

        Oh and I love how their previous custom update lessened the functionality of the Walkman app they claimed would be improved.
        No name calling here. Just a dissatisfied customer.

  10. check you out Conrad aint you the man so where do get your stats from your ass.
    Oh and these people aint whiners they pissed off! Im the same as you had an x10 ect and if you knew anything you would know sony have an epic failure rate in customer support and shit the products arent all that. The S lags like a bitch thanks to bad firmware you could have a mobile supercomputer and sony would still make it lag. Shit you must work for Sony.

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