Sony Xperia S Jelly Bean Bug Fix Update Starts Rolling Out

The Sony Xperia S Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update rolled out in late May after months of rumor and speculation. However, some owners started noticing a wide range of issues after having installed the software. Sony though has reportedly released a new software update that could fix some of the issues that Xperia S owners have been experiencing in Jelly Bean.

In late May, Sony finally rolled out the Sony Xperia S Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update to owners. The update came after months of speculation not only from device owners but from Sony itself. The company was unable to keep a lid on regional arms who issued baffling statements about the software’s release date.

Finally, the company put rumor and speculation to rest with the official roll out, a roll out that has hit owners in regions across the globe. As we’ve learned though, Xperia S owners have experienced a number of issues with the update including Wi-Fi and GPS issues.

Owners have told Gotta Be Mobile that they are also experiencing lag, particularly in the camera application, issues with the volume keys that periodically don’t work and of course, a number of battery drain issues even when the battery conserving STAMINA mode is turned on.


Sony assured owners that it was aware of the issues and today, it appears that, according to XperiaBlog, a new piece of Jelly Bean firmware is rolling out and it matches up with the firmware version that a Sony rep suggested would come with at least a few fixes for Xperia S owners.

The Xperia S has received what is believed to be a Jelly Bean bug fix update.
The Xperia S has received what is believed to be a Jelly Bean bug fix update.

According to a Sony rep, the 6.2.B.0.211 update was supposed to either start rolling out this week or next week and today, owners are reporting its arrival. At the moment, it’s unclear exactly what the software has on board though given Sony’s statements and given the close proximity of the roll out to the original one, we imagine that it has fixes on board.

The update apparently is only available in a few regions at the moment though like all Sony updates, it will likely spread over the course of the week or more.


  1. I have it in the UK exact same as that screenshot, just came a couple of hours ago is when I checked, made the interface worse by the looks of it to me! UPDATED TO THE NEW CRAPPY YOUTUBE CANT EVEN UNINSTALL!!!

      • Hi, this may be irrelevant to the discussion but I need your technical advice. My PC (running on MS Win XP Pro SP3) cannot detect my Xperia SL through PC Companion (but the same pc can detect the same phone through SnapPea for file transfers). Please advice. Thank you.

  2. Using Jelly bean version .200 for a week now in Estonia.. batterylife is 1/3 less for sure compared to same usage on ICS

    • I’m on O2 too, I’d got no automatic notification but popped the phone on PC Companion on Wednesday 12th to find .200 available.

      Updated fine. Some of the new bits are nice but I wouldn’t say it was a world of difference from ICS. Extra home screens is nice but easy to get carried away with even more battery draining widgets and further overhead.

  3. Go for the update guys!!!!!
    what’s new :
    improved battery life.. (4/5)
    improved camera… now you a record as well as shoot which was missing… \m/ (5/5)
    photo edit option.
    power management…
    cool themes…(4/5) live wallpapers were missing :(
    improved UI and performance…
    shortcuts improved… multi tasking made very easy… (5/5)

    • My photos and media appeared to have gone after update too. But try opening the album and waiting. Same with mp3s in walkman and video media in movies.

      After a couple of minutes all my media re-appeared. Hope your’s does too.

      Must need to rebuild the media libraries I guess.

  4. Just downloaded in in UK on T-Mobile through Sony update service (SUS) Tried pc companion but didn’t work …….all is working fine

  5. Using 211 in Bangladesh,but I am pretty much annoyed with the white background. And there is no way to fix it

  6. Have recently updated my xperia t now my portable wi Fi hotspot will not work waiting for customer services to come back to me.

  7. Just updated to jelly bean on o2 uk. (2.0.200) so still waiting for the fix update. My camera will not save any images or video. It tells me it cannot accses media storage?? Also andriod home crashes whenever i close browser so i have to wait for a restart or all my apps are all over the place

  8. Up dated mine phone kept shutting down then did a repair now the external speaker isnt as loud so I cant hear my phone ringing in a noisy environment

  9. 6.2.B.0.200 appeared for update in Pakistan couple of hours earlier on my Xperia S.
    i am afraid of updating after watching disappointed feedbacks.
    Should i go for it?

  10. Updated to Jelly, my xperia S hvibg Bluetooth, GPS, keyboard, starts to slow n scReen crashes frequently

  11. Xperia S,SL,Acro S 6.2.B.1.96 firmware Rolled out just now. –

    Regions getting is – Nordic Regions, Sweden, Spain, Taiwan.
    Confirmed for – All three devices, Xperia S,SL,AcroS
    Major Update fixed all bugs of previous buggy Jelly Bean 6.2.B.0.211 firmware update.

    Changelog :-

    # 1080p HD Video Lag is fixed now :)
    # Volume Up button lag fixed.
    # Long pressing Home button launches Google Now.
    # Pressing home button twice launches recent apps and small apps.

    • what about syria ?? i got the notification of 211 on my xperia sl and the notification about 1.96 on pc companion ?? what do you think ?should i do ???

  12. I regret updating it.
    Battery doesn’t last long anymore.
    Sometimes the phone restarts by itself.
    Sony Xperia S/Australia

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