Samsung Galaxy S4 Updates Roll out on Verizon and AT&T

Users of the Samsung Galaxy S4 on the nation’s two largest mobile carriers, AT&T and Verizon, will now be able to move applications to microSD cards and secure their device using the Samsung Knox suite of applications.

Though no official change log is available just yet, Samsung Galaxy S4 users can download the update to their devices today. It will allow them to move their installed applications to a microSD Card stored in their device. By moving some of their larger installed applications, users will be to get a little more of the device’s onboard storage for use.

That’s huge since the Samsung Galaxy S4 with 32GB of storage is only available on AT&T. Because of this, most users are getting by with just the 16GB version of the Galaxy S4. Of that 16GB, only around 9GB is not being used by the operating system.

A screenshot of the download of the latest Galaxy S4 update.

A screenshot of the download of the latest Galaxy S4 update.

Though it isn’t as high-profile as being able to install applications to get local storage back, the update’s KNOX security suite will allow users to section off  their work and home smartphone usage. Instead of having all of their information together, businesses could use the suite to safeguard their sensitive information, without affecting the personal information that’s stored on the device.

As more users opt to bring the latest consumer devices like the iPhone and Galaxy S4 into the business environment, the need to safeguard company secrets on mobile devices will continue to increase.


The United States Department of Defense recently approved the KNOX Security Suite for use on its information networks.

This update will also include a newly see-through status bar and an HDR video option. HDR allows users to take pictures with high-degrees of color contrast. Samsung began rolling out this update to some user’s through its Kies desktop client last month. That’s according to AndroidCommunity.

AT&T users will be prompted to update their device over-the-air without the need to plug into a computer. As the download is 350 MB, it’s probably a good idea to connect to a Wi-Fi network before doing so though.

For now, users looking to update their Galaxy S4 on Verizon will have to do so using the carrier’s desktop application. Users will need to have their computer and a microUSB cable handy according to Verizon’s step-by-step guide.


  1. Kyle Daniels says

    Um…I am updating OTA right now with Verizon, no computer connected to my phone. The data cable is just a recommendation not a requirement, since this is about 365MB.

  2. Cassiee says

    I have the s4 through ATT and my hubby got the s4 Active. His phone you can move to the SD card but I can’t and I even just tried updating it. The other day we had a storm and I think my phone was going to update but I had no wifi and the mobile data wasn’t strong at all could that be why?

  3. Mike Shiver says

    I don’t know.. I can’t get this stupid update either.. I have tried and tried.. Calling ATT 2moro..

  4. snake says

    I just my s 4 yesterday and when I checked for update it says that my current version is up to date. I called att tech support for help and they not sure why I can update my phobe; eventhough, they verified that I currently have the oldest version. I tried kios and it didnt do anything to. does anyone has any info what is going on with this update for att? thanks

  5. TheDoctor says

    ATT update after restarting, error message “SD card unexpectedly removed…” Now it cant find any SD cards, tried several brands, all formatted correctly. Was working fine before the update, card was in place during the update.

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