Casio G’zOne Commando 4G LTE Review (Verizon Wireless)

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  1. betsy

    Verizon and Casio website claims that the phone is IMMERSION (1m, 30min). While we were at the pool and the phone caught some water. Suddenly the phone would not turn on. So I went to the Verizon Store and they would not exchange my phone under the warranty. The phone is approx. 1 month old because it caught water. Go figure

    I called Verizon and explained it again they refused to do anything about it. How can a phone that is advertised as such in numerous places not be protected under it warranty when it doesn’t perform as it should? To much hype and did not perform for me.

    Have owned previous version of this phone. This phone doesn’t cut it for me.


  2. bob Schuyler

    I also had a previous version,loved it,I had this new one about a month and cracked the screen, didn’t drop it, don’t know how it cracked. Verizon said they can’t do anything call Casio. Casio keeps giving me the run around. The new glass is terrible. An I’m stuck with a cracked phone can’t find replacement glass either… aaaaaaaahhhhhh


    • Mccoy

      I have the same phone and it fell from my pocket and broke. The old gzone was a much better built phone IMO. Is there anyway to get a replacement screen from casio under warranty or anywhere or am I stuck with a piece of crap phone with a cracked screen?


      • Klerp

        Same exact problem with the phone… hone fell 2 feet and broke the screen. Can’t use the phone at all now, and i have to pay 90 bucks to get a new one from Verizon. Did you guys have any luck with Casio and the warranty?


  3. madcuban

    Love it. I would say that in Betsy’s case, the battery compartment was not fully sealed after an opening. It is very important to diligently walk your thumbs around the cover’s edge to ensure a proper seal. It is worth the extra 3 seconds required to do this. Same with the USB port.

    I had the 3G version for a couple of years and took many underwater photos and videos in our pool. I introduced the 4G to the pool in the same fashion, I tossed it into the deep end and had my son dive down, retrieve it and test the camera. He even called his mother from under the water. After two underwater ventures with the 4G, I am yet to experience any degradation in performance. Excellent upgrade from the 3G. Hoping to get at least one Android update, but will be happy if that never materializes.


  4. Mojo PuDd’iN

    Great Review! Thanks for staying in the realm of what the phone was designed for. Outdoors & not the indoor office environment. Just bought mine i cant wait to see how it performs in tropical Florida!


  5. mike smith

    Verizon is no help c881 gz one 4 g lte fell from kitchen counter shattered glass lamanate floor
    verizon told me to go on ebay buy another one cheaper
    Had this one 2 months
    had the 3 g about 5 years no problem


  6. Regina

    Rediculous… Same problem here as others. Husband dropped out his hand and the glass shattered. I will not buy another one. How can they claim that this phone is rugged when so many of us have problems. And then they wont stand by their claims. Casio is out of our house! And this was my husband 5th Casio. But no more.


  7. James Cupp

    I agree the first one I had much more rugged than this one I too have a cracked screen
    it is costing me 110 bucks for a new screen replacement but this phone is 19 months old been around the world and under water a hundred times a small drop of 4 feet (but unlucky face first on a rock) busted the screen


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