Nexus 10 2 Rumors Point to Asus, Not Samsung

A new Nexus 10 launch sometime later this year is almost a given, given that Google’s Android head Sundar Pichai confirmed the device for arrival sometime in the near future. And while the device seemed destined to be made by Samsung, the manufacturer of the current Nexus 10, it appears that Nexus 7 maker Asus could be making the upcoming Nexus 10 2.

In late July, Google hosted a launch event for three major products. The $35 GoogleCast, the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update that is rolling out to owners and the new Nexus 7 tablet that once again was made by Asus. At the event, Google’s Pichai seemed to confirm a new Nexus 10 for arrival. Samsung was mentioned as a possible manufacturer as well.

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Asus is rumored to be making the new Nexus 10 2.

Asus is rumored to be making the new Nexus 10 2.

Samsung worked with Google on the current Nexus 10, the 10-inch iPad competitor that is currently available on the Google Play Store and has been since November.

Well, it appears that a new Nexus 10 is indeed incoming though it looks like the device will be made by Asus rather than Samsung this time around. While nothing is set in stone, Russell Holly from has a good track record and he claims that Asus, not Samsung, will be making the Nexus 10 this time around.

The device, which is said to be coming before the end of the year, will evidently be manufactured by Google’s Nexus 7 collaborator, something that doesn’t come as a surprise given the success Google and Asus have had with their Nexus 7 tablets. No other information about the tablet is available though we think that there is quite a bit that the Nexus 7 launch revealed about the Nexus 10 2.

Asus makes the new Nexus 7 from Google.

Asus makes the new Nexus 7 from Google.

With rumors swirling about Android 5.0 and a new Nexus smartphone from Motorola, it looks like Google has quite a bit up its sleeve for later on this year. Whispers suggest that Google could introduce these new products sometime in October though at this point, nothing is set in stone.

The Nexus 10 boats a large high-definition display, speedy processor and thin design, features that we should see emerge on the next-generation Nexus 10 from Asus or Samsung.