Android 4.3 Issues Continue Plaguing Nexus Users

Android 4.3 bugs continue to plague Nexus owners with the latest reported issue being a problem with automatically reconnecting to Wi-Fi on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 4.

Since the debut of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean in July, Nexus owners have been voicing concern over a growing number of bugs discovered within Google’s new software. The issues have ranged from poor battery life across Nexus devices to Nexus 4’s locking up at the boot screen to compatibility issues with Bluetooth keyboards.

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Android 4.3 bugs continue to plague Nexus owners.

Android 4.3 bugs continue to plague Nexus owners.

Google already helped tackle one major Android 4.3 bug, an issue with Netflix, but there are still several lingering issues that continue to frustrate owners of Google’s Nexus smartphones and tablets. And it appears that the list keeps growing as another fairly major issues being reported by Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 owners have sprouted to the surface on Google’s website and XDA-Developers.

The issue, first spotted by Android Police, pertains to issues that Galaxy Nexus and some Nexus 4 owners are having when it comes to automatically reconnecting to a home or foreign Wi-Fi network. It appears that Wi-Fi connections that drop when out of range are not picked up again, automatically, when reentering Wi-Fi range.

It appears that the issue has a quick fix as users can simply toggle the Wi-Fi on or off to get it working again. Users can also enter the list of Wi-Fi networks to reconnect manually it seems. This is a big problem for a number of reasons.

Galaxy Nexus owners are complaining about Wi-Fi issues after Android 4.3.

Galaxy Nexus owners are complaining about Wi-Fi issues after Android 4.3.

One, Wi-Fi is a crucial element of any mobile device. And with it not functioning as normal, plenty of people are going to be experiencing headaches until Google patches this up. Second, and more importantly, unaware users might be utilizing cellular data instead of Wi-Fi which not only eats at data plans but can hurt battery life.

So until Google rolls out a fix for this, if it even does at all, users will need to rely on manual fixes for the issue. With Android 4.3 bugs mounting, it should be only a matter of time before Google issues Android 4.3.1 to Nexus owners, an update that could potentially relive some of the problems that Android 4.3 brought with it.