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  1. SA_NYC

    Nice article, thanks, I appreciate all the detail. Looking forward to the 3!

  2. Dave

    What?! It better not be on Verizon last!!! Noooooooo…..

    • Julio Villanueva

      By ‘last’ it means 1 or 2 weeks later. No big deal. It gives you time to sell your Note 2 and recoup some of your investment. I’m putting my Note2 on eBay in 2 weeks

  3. ckh14

    I’ve been looking forward to getting the Note 3 for months, reading up on all the rumors and news. Now, I have to say I’m still picking one up, but I have to say I’m a little bummed at what the Note 3 is going to offer vs my Note 2. We were ah expecting a 5.99 inch true tablet phone that could utilize the s pen to its Full extent. Now it seems that were getting an incrimental update to our Note 2. The difference between 5.55 inch screen and a 5.68 is only 3mm which is so negligable it probably will not even be noticeable. Sure the processor will be faster, but again the Note 2 was already extremely fast and smooth so its not like its going to be majorly different in real world performance. Then the battery… I Know people were all wanting ridiculous battery sizes but a 3350maph battery will offer no mare use time with the more power hunger screen and processor. Lastly the full hd screen. On paper its awesome to say full hd but again on a 5.68 screen the difference will be minimal vs Note 2 720p.’It’s stacking up to look more like a phone for those who do not own a Note 2 rather than the mini tablet powerhouse us Note fans were expecting. The irony of this is that those who dont have a Note 2 mainly dot like the large screen so it wont matter if its 5.68 or the desired 6 inch screen as the general public still will be turned off by the size, meanwhile us Note lovers have to wait another year for the Note we were wanting. Shame at this misstep by Samsung as other Companies are putting out 6inch plus devices with nearly identical specs. here’s hoping maybe Note 4 will deliver the device we want.

    • Dustin

      I do agree with you in some area’s.

      I think that Note 2 owner’s to will be much happier with the update to Android 4.2.2, or 4.3. Since that’s what we are supposedly getting instead of 4.2.2, I just think it’s another reason to delay the update for the Note 2 for the third time now…

      It will be almost a year from release and us Note 2 owners will still be on Android 4.1, the same version of Android the phone came with out of the box.

      We were supposed to get 4.2.2 back in July. And as everyone say’s, it’s not just getting Android 4.2 or 4.3 it’s the full update from Samsung. The new Touch-Wiz 2.0 UI (that would give us all the new features, change in looks, new toggle switches in the notification panel, basically a whole new design) then you get software like the new Camera with it’s new feature’s… The new version of S-Voice and the all new S-Translate and a allot of tiny bug fixes.

      The update would basically bring all of the S4 features and update our Note features. As well as bring us new Samsung software, like the new version of the Camera, The new S-Voice, yada,yada,yada.. As I said before. And all the new Android feature’s, fixes and enhancements.

      Now…… The one main reason I wouldn’t buy the Note 3 is the lack of support the Note 2 has had. Just the fact we had 4.2.2 made for the Note 2 supposedly being worked on for 7 months and then Samsung decides they are going to skip that upgrade and go right to 4.3 for the Note 2 is pure BS. They could have always released the update then when 4.3 was ready, could have released that to us as well.

      This just shows Samsung is not upgrading our device so they can market
      The Note 3 with all of the software the Note 2 should have received. THE FACT THAT THE NOTE 2 HASN’T RECEIVED A UPDATE WITH ALL OF THE NEW FEATURES IS A MARKETING SCAM. That us Note 2 owners have to deal with.

      If anything Samsung should make sure the consumer’s that went out and bought there flagship Note 2 device. The Note 2 Should be getting updated before the Note 3 is released with 4.3 and all of the new Samsung features.

      So my main reason for not upgrading to the Note 3 is lack of support from Samsung.

      How do we know that they won’t do the same thing to Note 3 owners when they are months away from releasing the Note 4 about nine or ten month’s from now.

      If Samsung acts swiftly and updates the Note 2 within weeks from right now, maybe more people will trust them. It’s not just me. There are thousands of people thinking the same thing on web forums everywhere. Allot of people are not going to even buy another Samsung device due to what Samsung is doing and scamming there own customer’s.

      All so Samsung can sell more Note 3′s they push all Note 2 updates to the side. It’s sad to see a company that makes so much money and are the top smartphone brand in the world pull this BS..

      • ckh14

        Yea I agree with you. Samsung has no incentive to push the 4.2 or 4.3 update to the note 2 whatsoever. So while the hardware might be basically the same, albeit what you’d expect a year late it’s complete bullshit about the updates. We are still on the same launch software with some random bug fixes. They’ve obviously don’t this as a means of trying to push people into reupgrading from n2 to n3. Like I was telling a buddy of mine who also has note 2, we won’t see 4.2 or 4.3 until long after the note 3 has been released and sales are steady…. probably around December or January which means it’ll be well over a year since 4.2 was released before we get the update. To me, the biggest bullshit is the delay between google release of an os till the release by samsung, typically around 11 months waiting on average. This is obviously a ploy so that those who are tired of waiting for improvements, new features, and bug fixes will run out and buy new phones half way thru their contracts. For me the hardest part of having waiting for the note 3 besides still being on 4.1.2 is how minimal of a difference there will be between the phones period. 3mm of screen size or appx 1.5 mm length and width is too small to matter, when they even announced it as 5.99 in march. They obviously are doing this small bump in size and technology to save room for note 4 and note 5 to come, which annoys the hell out of me. The whole point of the note is s size and s pen, yet at least for me, the s pen on my note 2 is nearly useless given how little room you have to use it. This is why I was looking forward and w a it information for almost a year excited about note 3, only for this to be what they deliver.

      • Don S.

        I’m sure hoping they have a Google Play Edition for the Note 3. If they don’t, I might go with something else.

      • Julio Villanueva

        They did the same with the Note 1 when the Note 2 was announced. So it’s not really a surprise

    • Julio Villanueva

      You can get the Sony Xperia Ultra. Has the size you want a and also has the S.pen capabilities. Plus is water resistant. I’m thinking giving it a shot

    • Ahmed M Fuad (@AhmedMuthanaF)

      agree with U because it dosent offer too much features than the note 2 soo i’ll not upgrade to note 3

  4. roy

    Hello adam. i must say samsung is doing great but i dont see much change in design. samsung keeps working on the same design again and again but some manufacturers like HTC and Sony are working on their designs too. thats why i love HTC. yes they are facing tough times but still they are better. samsung should try to provide more. i am waiting for HTC One Max

  5. DB

    I have to agree with a lot of the views. There is really not much of a reason to upgrade from my n2 to the n3. Minimal upgrades. Should have gone to a 5.99″ screen as well. I will be keeping my n2 and hoping for 4.3 to come along.

    • Julio Villanueva

      Size is not all that matters. If new Note 3 is the same size is fine with me. All I care is faster processor and better screen quality. The actual fine is fine right now. Fits right on my hands. Any bigger would make it uncomfortable to hold it. I don’t understand why so many people complain about size. If they want something bigger go for new Nexus 7.

  6. Tee

    How to call out the function key of Screen Capture for Samsung Note 2 ? Is screen capture available ?

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