Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept Shows Galaxy S of the Future

A new Samsung Galaxy S5 concept may not show the real Galaxy S5 but it shows what a Galaxy S device could look like at some point in the future when technology catches up.

While the Galaxy S5 likely won’t be launched until 2014, we’re already seeing designers offer up their vision of what the new Galaxy S smartphone could look like when it arrives. The latest Galaxy S5 concept from Mobileaks shows a device that likely won’t be coming to shelves next year to replace the Galaxy S4 but a device that could ultimately be a Galaxy S smartphone of the future.

Their Galaxy S5 concept is a device that incorporates some possible features with a few that appear to be far off in the distance. The device uses an edge-to-edge display, a quality that we’ve seen emerge on some recent high-end smartphones and a super thin design that we’ve also seen manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and Sony adopt for their high-end models.

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This Galaxy S5 concept features a flexible design.

This Galaxy S5 concept features a flexible design.

The device also has a rear camera positioned in the top left corner, dual-speakers on the back, and a display strip on the back that functions as a music player, something that is to be used in conjunction with the speaker set up on the back. The home button has been moved to the top of the device though the navigation buttons remain on the bottom of the design.

What the Galaxy S5 concept also has is a flexible design that allows users to fold it vertically, rather than horizontally. The device that looks like an iPad nano is actually the Galaxy S5 folded up with the back display lit up to display the music application. It’s a neat concept and one that could very well come to a future device with the way technology is headed. Flexible displays are real though flexible designs still remain out of the reach.

The real Galaxy S5 is said to be coming in March of next year.

The real Galaxy S5 is said to be coming in March of next year.

The real Samsung Galaxy S5 has already popped up in several rumors with whispers hinting at a device that could be made of metal, features a 16MP camera with optical zoom and touch down sometime in March just like the Galaxy S4.

Samsung recently announced the Galaxy Note 3, a device that will share shelves with any Galaxy S smartphone that Samsung announces in the first of next year.