Nexus 5 Render Offers Best Look at Google’s Rumored Nexus

A new Nexus 5 render, based on the unknown device that leaked on video and in an FCC filing, offers the best look yet at what very well could be Google’s next Nexus smartphone.

Just a few short days ago, we saw Google announce Android 4.4 KitKat, its brand new operating system. And in one of its teaser videos, we saw a mystery Nexus smartphone emerge with a design that appeared to be based on the Nexus 7. Shortly after that, we saw a mysterious LG device pass through the FCC, destination unknown. And while still not confirmed, there are signs that these devices could potentially be one in the same.

In the days since, we’ve seen designers try and bring the Android 4.4 KitKat leak to life and for the most part, they’ve done a great job. However, user deuxani from The Verge forums, has gone a step further than the rest of the renders that we’ve seen emerge. Not only did he or she make a Nexus 5 render based on the device seen in the video, but he or she has also took the dimensions from the FCC filing into account, creating a realistic looking LG Nexus 5.

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This is a very detailed look at a possible Nexus 5 from LG.

This is a very detailed look at a possible Nexus 5 from LG.

The FCC filing, which has been proven to be for a device not called the LG G2, revealed a device with 131.9 x 68.2 mm dimensions, a screen that measures 126 mm diagonally and a 16:9 screen ratio. Deuxani took all of this into account when creating this render and the results are fantastic as the render is on par with one that Google would release.

He or she also takes it a step further, pitting the render next to the Nexus 4, Google’s current smartphone, and the device that any new Nexus smartphone would be replacing. If this is dead on, we can expect a Nexus 5 that is on par with the Nexus 4 in terms of design footprint.

The same render next to the Nexus 4 render.

The same render next to the Nexus 4 render.

We expect to hear about the Nexus 5 in October alongside Android 4.4 KitKat and a new Nexus 10 2. No date has been set into stone just yet but given that the Nexus 4 8GB is discontinued, we are as close as ever to a Nexus 5 release.

Rumors have suggested that the Nexus 5 would share internals with the LG G2 including a large 1080p display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor but beyond those, the device remains a mystery.