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  1. ukandroid

    I’m getting quite excited about the HTC One max. I like a large screen … just waiting to see if it ticks my other boxes. If not maybe the Nexus 5 will! I doubt if I will ever return to an iPhone.


    Je suis très tenté par le HTC mais la qualité de la traduction de cette page est une anti-pub parfaite pour le produit. (attention, vous avez embauché une taupe de chez Apple comme traducteur!!!!!)

  3. Drew Arnold

    I stumbled upon this article while comparing options for my next android phone. I upgraded to an s3 from iphone (like you I’ve had one since 3gs) because I was disappointed that the screen was still tiny compared to the competition. I thought I was the only one making the switch, but its nice to know I’m not the only one committing treason. Maybe apple will take this boycott to heart? I’ll always love iPhone <3

  4. Romano Redor Gregorio

    You forgot to mentioned that if you miss the previous ios interface, you can install ilauncher lite (good quality icons) or espier launcher on an HTC One. For those not familiar, look them both up on google play store and you will see what I mean.

  5. dfadfad

    Three Reasons galaxy s4 is the Best Option for Disappointed iPhone Fans http://bit.ly/Galaxys4-questions-answered

  6. 100plus

    and the reason iphone5 owned htc one and s4 in benchmarks (youtube it) and is 1 year old device .. start thinking android fans , cause doesn’t matter wut u have under the hood , the driver wins..

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