iPhone Facebook App Crashing After Update, Quick Fix

The Facebook iPhone app is crashing for most users after Facebook pushed out an update today. Users who have not updated should avoid updating Facebook for the time being, and those who use Automatic updates can follow a quick re-installation to get around the crashes until Facebook offers a new fix.

The Facebook iPhone app version 6.7 crashes immediately for many users on the iPhone including the iPhone 5s. The update should deliver bug fixes and the ability to edit status updates on the iPad, but it is no longer letting many users open Facebook to share photos and status updates.

One review says,

“Downloaded the “new update” and now it won’t work! Awesome Sauce! – Reydogg2001″

Users in the reviews, on Twitter and on Facebook are reporting the crashes after updating Facebook today. iOS 7 users may be more susceptible to the issue because they can turn on automatic updates. With auto updates on Facebook will update itself without waiting for a user to tap update. That means many users are already running the crashing version of Facebook.


Facebook for iPhone is crashing thanks to a recent update.

Facebook for iPhone is crashing thanks to a recent update.

If Facebook on iPhone is crashing for you, the easiest thing to do is uninstall the app and reinstall it from the App Store. This installs the older version and shows the 6.7 update int eh App store after installation. It is a good idea to turn off Auto App Updates on the iPhone or iPad for the time being or it will automatically update to the new version of Facebook in a few minutes.

To delete the Facebook app, tap and hold on it until the icons wiggle. Then tap the X on that icon and choose to delete all Facebook data.

Next go to the App Store and find the Facebook App. Install it and log in.

This should fix the crashing issues and allow iPhone owners to finally use Facebook on iPhone again.

Facebook for iPhone 6.7 is crashing for most users, here's a possible fix.

Facebook for iPhone 6.7 is crashing for most users, here’s a possible fix.

Make sure you turn off automatic updates on the iPhone to prevent the bad update from downloading again. Go to Settings – iTunes & App Store -> scroll down and mark Updates to Off.

If none of this works you can always go to Facebook in the Safari browser until Facebook is able to push a new update that fixes the crashing issue. This will not offer the same experience as the Facebook app, but it is better than no Facebook access on the iPhone until the update is replaced.



    • Kyle says

      Not working here either. Can’t reinstall after deleting.

      At least it’s not just me. Troubleshooting over!

  1. Jenny says

    Same here…it’s showing “facebook could not be downloaded at this time” I deleted and went back to see if it fixes, but no hope…. sigh…

    • VDOgames says

      You need to take this poor advise down as it is giving more problems to users as Facebook has turned off any downloads and updates until the patch is been fixed!

  2. Sam says

    It wont download from the app store after I deleted the crashed version.. Did you actually try this for yourself?

  3. Curt says

    To solve the issue you can do this :
    – delete the dark Facebook icon from your device.
    – run App Store and search for the app you have bought, scroll the list and you can download Facebook from the cloud.
    I downloaded again ver 6.6
    – do not attempt any update to 6.7.1 till Facebook will not solve the problem otherwise the download will be corrupted again and you will get a dark icon and a not working app.

  4. Ken says

    Brilliant advise…………..you should remove article till you know more. This is not a typical bug.

  5. Russell says

    Can’t download FB now after I’ve deleted the app. Even tried restoring phone to factory settings to no avail. Way to go FB

  6. Laura says

    updated FB on my iphone and it went grey. Deleted app tried to reinstall FB app and it WON’T DOWNLOAD!!!! FB FIX THIS!

  7. Stan Laurila says

    you people seem to be trying to download the corrupt FB 6.7, not the last working version 6.6! If you follow his instructions, you’ll have FB back just as before. can any of you make Mac n cheese? follow the instructions.

  8. Jill W. says

    Nothing worked for me either. I couldn’t go back and download the 6.6 version because the 6.7 was already in my iCloud. I just downloaded a Facebook version app until facebook fixes the problem. It’s not ideal, but it works!

  9. Paul Mathias says

    Having deleted it and then download again it doesn’t give me an option to download version 6.6, says it is 6.7 which as stated won’t download, went into “history” section which lists detail of all updates but no option to download earlier version…any advice?

  10. Tai Fung (@tai_fung) says

    For the people still having trouble, this fix might work, assuming you have a home computer with iTunes:

    1. Delete FB app on your phone.
    2. Connect phone to computer
    3. In iTunes, select your phone, then “apps,” then tell it to install FB.
    4. You will find that iTunes will install the prior-update version of FB (one that was on your machine)
    5. Have updates off, etc. etc.
    6. Sync your phone.
    7. There you go!

  11. Mike says

    This worked for me on the iPhone 4s. Made a quick tutorial walking through these steps and demonstrating that it does in fact work, at least on the 4s :-).

  12. Rob says

    I am having trouble updating Facebook from App Store too. Here is a workaround.

    1. Delete Facebook app.
    2. Go to Settings.
    3. Tap Facebook.
    4. Tap Install from this screen.

    You’re welcome!

  13. Tejassi says

    Solved it !!! – Just go into settings scroll down and find “the Facebook settings” and re insert your Facebook user name and password – it then continues to down load the new version Hooray it now should work

  14. Tejassi says

    BTW – I have an Iphone 3GS I lost the Facebook icon, so therefore I couldn’t delete it anyway – the new update was trying to install all day so frustrating So pleased I managed to finally solve this problem – See above

    Good Luck All!!

  15. Maria says

    Rob, I did what you said (about deleting in settings) many times. It shows installed, then a message “there was a problem accessing your account. Please reenter the password for (my name) and when I do enter the pass word, I get a window that says “Error signing in
    could not communicate with the server”. So I keep trying and I keep getting the message about the error. Does anyone know what else I can do???? thanks

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