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  1. karthik nayak

    thanks :)

  2. bibby

    But how do I create a blank home screen? I like to keep my home screen empty and have another screen to the right with all my apps in it but Android keeps automatically deleting any blank home screens. It’s very frustrating!

  3. Jim

    I *hate* this new method to add a new Home Screen!! It’s far too difficult, and not intuitive. No-one is gonna figure it out. People have to search online just to figure out how to do this basic thing, which was much easier on the previous Android versions.

  4. miss_n

    I am having the exact same issue! I like having a blank homescreen. KitKat keeps auto deleting it. Its really annoying.

  5. Sergeant Baker

    Really really thx ur a damn hero

  6. Cindy

    Tapping and holding a blank area brings up wallpapers not the above screen. Guess I’m too dense.

  7. HM

    Have the same bloody problem. Nexus 7, long press on the home screen gives me wallpaper selection, I have 5 screens all blank, no way to remove them

  8. Chase

    Not sure if it will help anyone, but…
    - If you want an empty screen, create one with directions above and then MOVE (don’t delete) all of the icons that existed on it.
    - If you want to delete an empty screen, add an icon to it and THEN delete that icon (don’t move it to another screen).

    Took me a bit to figure it out.

  9. iheb

    Thanks a ton to the user “Chase”. Your method worked great and was just what I was looking for.

  10. Chad Olson

    Is there any way to have a blank screen.

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