Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. iPhone 5: What We Know So Far

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  1. Andrew

    OK someone please clarify to me, (yes i read above) why this guy is writing about Galaxy s5 compared against the iphone 5, instead of comparing against the 5S? I mean your already comparing a device made of speculation and rumors, against a device that is a generation behind…. im confused. Evenso at that point why not compare rumor for rumor and compare against iphone 6? Seriously iPhone 5 (generation old) against Galaxy S5 (rumors of future product) just lost you every ounce of credibility.

  2. Bob

    Yeah, do tell. Who cares about the iPhone 5..It’s odd and obsolete.. You should know better than comparing future tech with Gen-old tech..

    Laughable too was how he says fingerprint scanner means a “big security advantage”. Unless the person previously only had the slide to unlock crap, it’s less secure. Pin unlocking is more secure than fingerprint.

    Fingerprints just are convenience.. Easily defeatable unless you have top of the line military hardware.

    Everyone who has a small brain knows Fingerprint systems aren’t secure..

    Look at the fingerprint sensor in the iPhone.. It’s broken by the most brain dead mechanisms, from thermal tampering to simple “fingerprint on tape”.

    Way easier to crack than a 4 digit pin. And then again I don’t think iPhone even had encryption (but I could be wrong on that).. But either way finger or not, without encryption there’s only an illusion of security, something that can confuse only the most childish of thieves.

  3. Andrew

    would love to see some response from the author or his editor

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