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  1. Bojan

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  2. bojan

    bojan you jopan

  3. Bobby-Sue

    Bojan, you LIAR!

  4. Dario Petkovic

    A lot of text about not very much – can’t blame the author, it’s Samsung that just seems to be one of those ‘large corporations’ that are slow to move

  5. AdrianB

    The article tells you nothing other than it will be a slow incremental update process which is apparently Samsung protocol and anything above that “I” simply don’t know. Wasted 5 minutes of my life reading this repetitive drivel, tells me absolutely nothing I need to know other than the author not having a clue and filling a blog in.

  6. I ALBA

    Adriana settle down and stop giving it the big’n some of us appreciate the information the author has taken the time to give us

  7. Kartheek Pathuri

    This article has no useful information more than its title. It’s filled with unnecessary verbose. This was a Google now suggestion and I regret reading it.

  8. AdrianB

    @I ALBA – The title to refresh your memory is “Galaxy S4 Android 4.4 Update Arrives: What You Need to Know” – Take the time to read it, then come back on this thread and justify why it needed to be so painfully protracted just to put a single point across ? do you seriously need it simplifying to that degree and repeated in different ways to understand ?. If you personally enjoy reading these kinds of articles then please continue and appreciate the information, however I feel you will not learn very much.

  9. Danny Ray

    You are correct in your assessment they didnt really give any helpful info as to what is going to be in the new update really!

  10. Loki

    Once again, another misleading titled and garbage report. I’ve noticed a trend with Adam Mills and titling his articles “what you need to know”. Yet all of the articles titled as such are filled with useless information.

    I’m gonna stick with AndroidPolice



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