Samsung Galaxy Note 4: What We Know So Far

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  1. Stik

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  2. Lokesh

    This is awesome. If I can get my hands on Galaxy Note 4 by October, I will be the first one to buy it.. Thank you so much

    • Piyush

      I will still go with the Samsung Galaxy S6 that might release this year

  3. GJ

    Hey a quick question! Will the Note 4 be even bigger in size than Note 3? Because I need a device which i can atleast put in my pocket lol.. cheers!

  4. pc

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  5. Nick Ross

    Hi,Awesome phone Cheers for Samsung. I wanna buy this phone as it will be available in the market.

  6. JohnnieDyer

    I ave the note 3 and however sceptical i was at first about the faux leather since i actually got the device ive loved my opinion as well theres no need for a bent display.the one they showed where you can see the screen in the side just seems like it would be a waste of space making the device either bigger or the flat side of the screen smaller

  7. Christine Biel

    I agree that the curved screen really wouldn’t be a plus. Would also make it difficult to put a case on it. Water and dust repellent would be amazing! I actually like the larger size..I barely use my desk top computer anymore! How about a built in FM transmitter for use in the car? I am totally sold on the Samsung Note phones and converted many of my friends…Thanx, Samsung!!

  8. John Rainey

    A proper xenon flash and dedicated shutter button with optical stabilization would be good in the next note. It’s takes good pictures now, but the things above would give it a good edge above any camera phone.

  9. Miguel

    An improvement in S Voice would really be a great thing. Something on par with Siri with a more natural voice, or choice of voices. Or combine S Voice with Google now to make the best assistant ever. Optical image stabilization would be great also.

  10. not required

    This page should be blank. Wild rumoured don’t count as things we know. Ffs.

  11. Björn Ryrå

    I’m all in…

  12. Daniel

    Can’t wait, got the note 3 now. And I’m starting to count down the days until the release of the note 4!

  13. TechNil

    I want Galaxy Note 4….

  14. joe

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