Nexus 6 Details Emerge Thanks to Google

Google’s Sundar Pichai took questions at Mobile World Congress and the company’s Android head reportedly had a lot to say. In fact, Pichai revealed some Nexus 6 details narrowing the Nexus 6 release date for those interested in the follow up to the current Nexus smartphone, LG’s Nexus 5.

On Halloween, Google announced the Nexus 5, a device that replaced the discontinued Nexus 4 and one that carries on the torch of Google’s Nexus program. The Nexus 5 remains Google’s current Nexus smartphone though there is a very good chance that sometime later this year it will get replaced like the Nexus devices before it.

Like Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S, Google’s Nexus smartphone is released once a year. The Nexus One was followed by the Nexus S, the Nexus S followed by the Galaxy Nexus, the Galaxy Nexus followed by the Nexus 4, and the Nexus 4 followed by the Nexus 5. So, there is reason to believe that the Nexus 5 will be replaced by something new and something that could perhaps be better.


That something better could be a Nexus 6, a device that would represent the sixth version of the Nexus smartphone. And while rumors are virtually non-existent, it appears that Google’s Android head revealed an interesting tidbit about the next Nexus at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

According to Frandroid, Google’s Sundar Pichai took a number of questions at the event. When asked about the new Nexus, Pichai was mum on the details except for one bit of information. He claims that the Nexus smartphone will not be coming in the first half of the year, something that should come as a surprise to no one.

“I can assure you it will not be released in the first half of the year”.


Google typically releases its Nexus smartphones in the second half of the year, close to the holiday shopping season. It’s a trend that the Nexus 5 continued last November.

With Google I/O now in the second half of the year, some will wonder if the new Nexus smartphone will arrive then. Google has shown off Nexus products at Google I/O before, so it’s entirely possible that we could see something new there.

However, rumors suggest that Google will not announce Nexus products or Android updates and will instead focus on other products. A recent report claims that the company will announce a new Nexus 8 and an Android 4.5 update but will do so after Google I/O. Google skipped Nexus and Android update announcements at last year’s Google I/O as well.

Nexus 6 concept.

Nexus 6 concept.

Even with Pichai seemingly narrowing the Nexus 6 release window, the Nexus 6 release date is very much up in the air. There are, however, some signs that interested consumers should be looking for.

Last year, we saw the company drop the price of the Nexus 4 several weeks before the Nexus 5 launch. After the fire sale, the company simply discontinued the device. Perhaps the same will happen with the Nexus 5.  We also saw an onslaught of Nexus 5 rumors arrive in the weeks before its launch so when Nexus 6 rumors show up with great frequency, we’ll know that we’re getting closer.


For now, those interested in the Nexus 6 will just have to settle for unofficial concepts from designers.


  1. JeffGr says

    This article used a lot of words to say absolutely nothing. Here is a suggested one sentence re-write: “Google’s Android head provided no new information about the next Nexus phone at Mobile World Congress.”

    • JoseAntionoJeffGreeeeatfolks says

      Lol…both of your comments used a lot of words to say nothing as well…here’s a suggestion for the next time you want to comment, stick to “waaaaah!”

  2. Bruce F. Donnelly says

    I thought it couldn’t be “Nexus 6″ because of Blade Runner. Matter of fact, I was wondering whether that’s why there were rumors about the Nexus brand going away.

  3. Scott says

    Perhaps the dumbest article I’ve ever finished reading. Kinda like watching a train wreck.

  4. kenneth says

    Thank you Nexus lovers and owners for your comments. Saves me a lot of time reading these articles Google Now feeds me from these no name “tech blogs”

  5. ray thang says

    None the less.. He achieved in getting people to click and read. I fell for it also. Good job guy!!

  6. Miguel says

    This article was ridiculously misleading and contained no information whatsoever on the Nexus 6.

    The author should be fired.

  7. Milie says

    No doubt, Nexus 6 is one of the most amazing phones but there are various other upcoming phones. Which one should I prefer? My main preference is good battery backup. Samsung don’t have good battery generally so I think Nexus 6 is the last choice. Is that so?

  8. Manish Balyan says

    Google finally said that Nexus6 will be released by them and you are saying nexus6 will not come.
    what a bad content on this article these features did not match anywhere on web see here . they are somewhere close to gsmarena content which is known as hub of smartphone news.

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