Sundar Pichai: No Guarantee Android Designed to be Safe

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  1. Larry

    All android is??? MALWARE !!! Had Sony Xperia z1s galaxy 1-4 all crap!! Than iPhones 4to now 5s no problems only a few issues I prefer iOS and not only that I like a phone to my ear not a tablet sized phone!! But androids make great flashlights and that’s about it!!!

  2. Cory Gunther

    Lol Larry. don’t download shady apps and click stupid shit on Facebook and you’ll be fine. I’ve owned Android devices for 4 years and I’ve never, ever received a single virus or malware.

  3. Larry

    All good now Cory just a bad strike of luck iPhone pure better luck now, I guess it’s preference between os and iOS too bad there wasn’t a phone that had both I will admit android does have some cool features as well apples iOS

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