3 Common PS4 Problems and How to Fix Them

This guide will explain common PS4 problems and fixes for these issues that will help you get back to playing your PlayStation 4 faster without the need to call Sony.

We’ve seen a number of new PS4 problems appear in 2015, and PSN problems are appearing with more frequency. You can use this list of common PlayStation 4 problems and fixes to get back to gaming faster. It is still a good idea to alert Sony to any potential PS4 bugs and issues, and you can use the comments section to share your fixes with other users.

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A new report shares the most common PS4 problems and offers suggestions on how to fix these issues to get back to gaming on the PlayStation 4. Fixya is a community driven website that lets users get help fixing problems with devices like the PS4 and many others.

PS4 Turning Off

The most common PS4 problem from this report is that the PS4 turns off randomly while gamers are using the console. This may also appear alongside the console not turning on when the owner pushes the power button.


A common PS4 problem is the console randomly turning off.
A common PS4 problem is the console randomly turning off.

If this PS4 problem is taking place users will see a blinking blue light or blinking red light on the console instead of a white light. This issue first appeared in November, and Sony soon offered a collection of fixes for this PS4 problem, including an option to get a replacement if none of them work. From what we can tell this issue is mostly past, but if you have this problem you should.

  • Check the HDMI cable
  • Check the hard drive
  • Make sure the PS4 is ventilated

Sony offers a troubleshooting guide for this problem. If all else fails contact Sony for a replacement PS4.

PS4 Audio Video Problems

Another common PS4 problem relates to audio and video. The report outlines complaints of PS4 audio missing, video missing or both missing. The PS4 connects with a HDMI cable that carries audio and video and an optical cable that carries audio only. If users are not seeing or hearing the PS4, it is likely that a connection is set up wrong.

Check your cables and the HDMI port to fix this PS4 problem.
Check your cables and the HDMI port to fix this PS4 problem.


If you are experiencing this PS4 problem, here are the steps you should take.

  1. Make Sure the HDMI cable is flush and not held out by a small piece of metal.
  2. Try a new HDMI cable
  3. Try a new HDTV

If the system works on a new HDTV you should go to the Settings -> Sound and Screen -> manually set the video output for the TV you want  to use. Turn the console off and move it back to the other HDTV and start playing.

If there is a small piece of metal preventing the HDMI cable from plugging in all the way, bend it down slightly for a tighter fit or contact Sony to discuss an exchange.

PS4 Freezing

Some users report the PS4 freezes while playing games. This can lead to lost progress and plenty of frustration for gamers. This is a common problem, but does not appear to be widespread. There are two main things users should do if this happens.

The first thing to do is look for any PS4 updates. Sony periodically releases new software for the PS4 that fixes bugs and performance issues. This could fix PS4 freezing for many users that may have skipped an update.

If the PS4 freezes after playing it for extended periods make sure it is not overheating. If it is in an enclosed entertainment center or it is not on a smooth surface it may be overheating. If this is the case moving the PS4 to a more open area could prevent freezing during long gameplay sessions.

If you still have PS4 problems, contacting support is the best option.
If you still have PS4 problems contacting support is the best option, but hopefully these solutions save you time.

For users who cannot fix these or other PS4 Problems, Sony Support is the next stop. The PS4 is only months old, so any issues not caused by abuse or accidents should be covered under the included warranty. Users can talk to support on chat or by phone with an average wait of 15 minutes on the phone or no wait on chat at this time.

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  1. Had my PS4 since launch, not had one single issue with it, in fact absolutely loving it’s super slick experience and all the great games, and the great free games on PlayStation Plus.

  2. my ps4 is saying there is an error in the system software. it saying conneect the dualshock4 using the usb cable, and then press the ps button. can anyone help me with this problem please

  3. my son has a ps4 it has been fine until today it just wont turn on the blue light flashers then goes off can any1 help me please

  4. I got my ps4 the 1st day it came out and it is great but when I want to watch a game trailer or a preview Of any movie or game the video has always skiped or pause For like 30sec – over a min and play again for like 10 sec and pause again for 30sec – over a min and play for 10 -30sec then pause again . It does it for the hole preview or trailer im wanting to watch. Every time.but I can watch Netflix or rent a movie from the PlayStation store with no problems .but if I want to watch the preview of movie before I rent it , it will pause off and on the hole time. Help me please

  5. hi, my name is abdalla-fawzi, from sudan, my problem is that i have an old tv (panasonic) and its not compatipl with ps4 and i cant connect it to the tv , is there any cables that i can buy it to fix the problem

  6. Your “fix” for the power off issue is completely inaccurate. Mine didn’t today and will not power on again. I looked at the Sony website and the forums and there are tens of thousands of people having the same problem. I spoke to a Sony rep on chat and I have to send it in. My feeling as having experience in this area is it is a faulty power supply. You may want to do more research on issues and fixes before writing an article with such misinformation.

  7. I just got a used ps4 for my son. The problem is, when i turn it on it goes to dualshock 4 wireless controller connected. Who is using the controller? Then under that is two options, new player and the other player, who this used to belong to! When i click on either one, the only other thing that comes up is, press the ps button to use the controller! I can’t get it to do anything but those two things. I can’t get it to do a factory reset because it won’t allow me to get out of the first part of safe mode! I’ve shut it down properly, unplugged and plugged in, everything i can possibly think of! I ordered a new controller and it’s arriving Tues morning, if that’s not the problem.. I have geek squad coming Tues afternoon! If they can’t fix the problem, they don’t charge, which is great and fair! It’s still $100.00 though, if they fix it! If anyone out there can help me and knows what it might be and can explain what to do..my son and i, would be soooo grateful??? Plesas help us??

  8. The only problem I had was not coming on cause the lights went out came on son turned back on then the lights went out again turn it on again then froze on the playstation screen I reboot it I had to erase everything to factory setting now I have to start all over on warrior orochi 3 ultimate this sucks I hope it does not happen again

  9. Gareth how did you fix that mine just started doing that it ejected while I was playing now it’s making that eject noise every few seconds

  10. If Sony is so bad then why did xbox 360 have a 16 percent failure rate while Sony and Nintendo only 3 percent.

  11. I bought a ps4 for my son this Christmas 2014. I’m really pi@!ed every time I load a game it freezes just after selecting what u want to play. After 5 minutes it may or may not load what you wanted to play. Seems as this product came out some time ago I think it is bloody disgusting to have these issues. And yes all files are updated bla bla bla. Sony your product is crap

  12. I bought 2 ps4’s for my husband and son for christmas and they both have the same problem. On both the screen goes blank no picture or sound. I am trying to get ahold of sony to help me with this issue. I paid over a thousand bucks I want 2 working ps4’s.

  13. “Tom R.” I had my PS4 since launch date too. I don’t play much but now that i hit vacations I play alot. I use wireless wifi and only play for 4-6 hours straight and my PS4 turn off twice today. I am starting to think due to the hacking it’s affecting the ps4 systems itself. At least that’s my theory. I hope it’s the software and not my system because that would be so sad and i would be disappointed at Sony for making a bad product. Also if it’s the product I think I would stop been a fan of PS systems all together and stick to better trust worthy brand game consoles.

  14. My ps4 will turn on then in the middle of a game the screen will blink then it will turn of. I’m getting tired of this nonsense I’m ready to move on to an xbox one forget sony

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