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  1. Dileja

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  2. Gisepi

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  3. Gisepi

    On a serious note….no pun intended….my phone keeps forcing the upgrade on my phone. For now I turned off wifi. It only forces the upgrade if you’re connected to wifi. Tomorrow morning I’m going g to an att tech service store and ask them if there’s a way i can prevent the phone from upgrading.

  4. Tony P

    I’m still avoiding the first update that was available on my VZW Note 3 last fall. I always compare what I have with what an “update” provides. I wait at least two weeks and sure enough, many reported that the latest update created slightly more problems that it solved. I’m not crazy about my inconsistent GPS functionality but even if the update fixes that, the price is too high. I can get my GPS to work if it’s having problems but from what I hear, the update issues have no workaround.

  5. iZzombies

    Why is Samsung so stupid
    The fact that they don’t leads me to believe one of two things: Either 1. they are morons and disregard that the consumer
    Wants to use the SD card ,like me-I loaded the card from previous phone. AND that the consumer should be able to sync the email…A HUGE PROBLEM IN MY NOTE 3 FROM SPRINT.
    OR 2. The US government made them place some Backdoor operation in the new 4.4 that allows them full REMOTE operation of your phone including microphone and camera functions without alert and without the clicks.
    Am I disappointed at Samsung?

    I am still paying for this NOTE-3 but my next phone will be LG or HTC.

  6. iZzombies

    I I have so much to say…the cursor on my note 3 keeps jumping.
    The MASTER SYNC on this note 3 is disabled. It will not sync my email accounts and that is left ultimately to me to do so manually, several times a day.
    I had the galaxy S 3 before this note POS, And the synch worked fine on that until my phone screen cracked from my dog jumping on the bed and causing it to bounce off.

  7. Michael

    iZzombies: You are an IDIOT. #tinhat much?

    The SD card “issue” is not even an issue. It is a security feature. Lets say you have the Bank of America application, that you use to monitor your bank account on the go… and then you install some third party software or game that decides it wants to install a file to said BoA application folders / files to monitor what the application has typed into it (namely your password and username), or what it gets back (your account number and balance and transaction history). If the application stops working because of the 4.4 update, re-install the application and let it create its own folder on the SD card so it can use it… or the app is doing something shady and is not working because its hacks are not getting the authorization to your information it wants.

    Samsung pushed the update because it increases stability, speed, and security. All of what are focus points for Samsung. The SD card security works GREAT with their image and ideal of Knox security on these devices. It helps the capability of enterprise security.

    So with 2 main points of security that you had disregarded and done nothing but complain with, followed by the fact that you get paranoid about the US Government listening to what you are going to tell whoever… whatever around you… you have given us enough evidence to realize you are a dolt and do not understand anything about these devices. Why would the US Government need a back door into the phone when they can just tell the carrier to record anything it can capture from the device? It is a system that is already in place and does not require any upkeep with software or hardware developments and can not be circumvented by nothing more then a root accessed device blocking processes or services on the device.

    I personally am very very happy with my Samsung device and its performance, matched with its battery life and feature set. I love everything to do with my device and it will remain at my side and I will continue to buy Samsung devices till somebody can manage to make a better device.

    EG: HTC One (M8), Lied about the benchmark capability, still running a 4MP camera, Running a lesser Processor in the US, and the radio is slower then that in the One (M7). They glued it together in such a way to stop people being able to maintain or repair their devices and to force them to buy a new phone every time the battery goes bad.

    LG: Runs classed down and slower EVERYTHING, Their phones are third rate to say the best. Slower memory speeds, and glitchy software to say the best of it.

    Motorola: Higher build quality but is behind on the hardware what leaves it lacking in the performance department. But the repairability and modification ability of the Motorola devices makes them my 2nd choice to Samsung, what also surpasses Motorola in repairability and modification, AND stability, and performance.

    Why don’t you just go buy yourself an iPhone so you can paint even more of a retard image of yourself in everybody’s mind. Get something with the hardware from 2 years ago paired with a locked down version of the software from last year, with horrible battery capability and radio performance, a questionable camera, the worst GPS software in the world, and no ability to make any modifications to it whatsoever. Enjoy iTunes with (Cr)apple.

  8. cirrob (@cirrob)

    Michael youre wrong. The update prevents apps from writing to folders on the SD card that they do not own. It does not prevent them from reading data in those folders though. So this BS about a security plug is just that: BS.

    First, a banking app would not allow you to store its information on the SD card before or after the update. So this is a non starter. But lets just say that BofA did allow that. Before kitkat, a malware app could read the content of BofA’s data stored on the SD card. After KitKat, it can still read it, it just cannot modify it.

    The plug does nothing to protect your information; it simply restricts what apps can modify your information; which, was NEVER a problem…. ever. Point to one story where this has happened.

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