Verizon Galaxy S4 Android 4.4 Update Arrives, Galaxy Note 3 MIA

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  1. ctw

    Um…I did the update for my S4 and now the font is so extremely small I can’t see anything. I’ve gone to settings and have tried to enlarge it, to no avail. I’ve restarted it three times…and have been on hold with Verizon for about 40 mins and have been on hold the entire time…only to be hung up on twice. Extremely frustrating.

    • SMC

      I updated my today and work fine no problem

    • Sullen

      Which window are you in that has smaller font?

  2. star

    I recommend doing a factory reset after installing the update. Will allow the phone to run smoother and will help with battery life.

  3. Dave

    Got it a couple weeks ago no big deal, nothing major to report for most users

  4. dan hanson

    will the gear neo work with the note 3

    • Chris


  5. Joe

    It also updated my google wallet to support nfc and it allowed me to dump the lame issis verizon nfc applicaton.

  6. Matt

    Updated my S4 the other day and every Google app now says it needs to be updated but Google play won’t load. The Google apps constantly remind me of the update need but if I click on it it tries to update and stalls out. Any suggestions? My dad has same issues with his s4 too. Told my mom to wait on the update.

  7. Eric Hathaway

    File Expert can handle the SD card actions without root, still, and I believe claims to be the only file tool that can.

  8. WB

    I do ***NOT*** like the restrictions placed on how ***I WANT TO USE*** External SD card if 4.4.2. This is ***UNACCEPTABLE***!

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