Android 4.4.3 KitKat Release Details Emerge in Huge Leak

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  1. Tim

    Looks like HTC is working hard to get to be noticed. Its latest phone deserves to be recognized. Good work.

  2. Michael Fasano

    I haven’t had any of the problems discussed like camera battery drain issue. Native it’s because I’m running Franco Kernel idk but I get great battery life

  3. Tony

    Those random restarts are annoying as hell! I have a nexus 5 and will look forward to seeing if they fixed it.

  4. bhush

    True. My nexus 4 has been a victim of this too

  5. Abhishek

    Sad that HTC chooses not to update its older flagships like the one x plus.

  6. sixbysix

    The Sense 6.0 for HTC One is what I’m waiting for. Doesn’t matter 4.4.3 or 4.4.2

  7. adub505

    I’ve noticed that the android 4 releases run _much_ slower than the 2.x releases, even on faster hardware. Can’t we get a feature update without bringing our device to a crawl? Come on, software world …

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