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  1. Firestone


  2. Boomr

    COME ON Ubisoft show some goddamn Windows Phone love for f***’s sake!! It’s not that difficult to port your apps. You’re releasing on Xbox and PC, I own both of those and a WINDOWS PHONE. F***.

  3. Titus Balsac

    i05 and Android are a bigger market right now compared to the windows phone which is why I think they care more about investing money and time for those versus adding Windows Phone.

  4. dm222

    True, but if they can support the Wii U (and I’m glad they do), you’d think they could support Windows Phones…

  5. Richard bown

    “Rockstar delivered GTA app for iPhone and iPad at launch with an Android version arriving a few days later.” A few months later for android and after many users had finished the game. Hope the same will not be true for watch dogs

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