Google Drive Now Updated for Android But Still Confusing

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  1. Steve Salstrand

    Well reviewed. I just updated and am currently displeased with the experience.


  2. Harrison Pocket

    Take me back to the old days of Google Drive. This latest improvement (?) by Google is yet another example of a behemoth company deciding what’s best for the customer, which always means what’s best for the company. This is rather Microsoft-like.


  3. malcolm harvey

    If you want to make new apps make them work in parallel with google drive, yip i agree we dont want another microsoft out there.


  4. Joe Morsein

    Is there any possibility that Google Drive can/or will return to it’s “old” self? I served this customer wonderfully and now has become a very unfriendly, unusable app. Do you care?/!


  5. Phil Arnold

    Practical How To quesion here. I have an Asus Transformer Android. I had Polaris Office associated with Excel spreadsheets. Now I work for a company that liikes Google doc’s, how do I disociate Polaris and associate excel files on Google Drive with Google Sheets? I disabled Polaris and now excel doc’s jump to my Brother print app.

    This even happens when I attempt to open a document from within Google Sheets by clicking the Google Drive icon. Very frustrating.


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