HTC Sense 6 on the HTC One (M7) Review

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  1. Josh

    Hey you got most of it, but you left out all the background customization such as different wallpapers for home screen, lock screen, and texting screen.

  2. Chris

    I guess I’ll download. I never felt Sense 5 was confusing or cluttered at all. In fact, I quite like it.

    • Pete

      Don’t download if you got on well with sense 5. I felt the same, never had a prob with sense 5, and wish I hadn’t updated it. Changed my wallpaper and can’t be changed bk. Don’t like the fonts, the gesture stuff doesn’t work for me, double tap when screen off does nothing, when on home screen double tap does turn screen off but that’s no big deal as it’d time out in 30 sec anyway. Keyboard is 10x more clunky than b4, most obvious when deleting bodies of txt (holding delete) which results in much more being deleted than intended.

  3. terminal7

    SENSE 6 is sense 5 made new. Sense 5 wasn’t confusing or half hearted and if it was found to be confusing then sense 6 would only add to the confusion (which it does not) SENSE has grown over may years and in reality been stripped bare of many features it once contained – try out sense 4 and 3.x etc and see how much more integration sense has with the O.S. …personally I wish we could have some more of the old sense added back, more decent Widgets and the old footprints app would be a good start. Still I love all my HTCs.

  4. anon ymous

    You missed the one thing I’m worried about: can I still disable blinkfeed?

    Would sorely love to oblitorate the weather clock from the security screen & apps drawer, I don’t suppose it’ll let me do that?

  5. graham

    can i add my pictures to new blinkfeed?

  6. ME

    Anybody noticed problem with volume after update to Sense 6? It would drop after 2-3 days on random, all of sudden? I know many of them with that problem after update. Sometimes you will find missed calls which you didn’t noticed at all.

    • Debbie

      I have the same problem. I started out my volume all the way up. Then a call comes in it’s really low. I need my phone for business and this is a huge problem

  7. Allan

    Anyone have problems with Bluetooth not hiding?

  8. Sarfraz

    My phone is not viderating after the Sense 6 upgrade. Anyone else having similar issue?

  9. Sarfraz

    My phone is not viberating after the Sense 6 upgrade. Anyone else having similar issue?

  10. Vladimir Byazrov

    Have you noticed stupid slideshow in albums that can’t be turned off? I don’t believe that even simpletons don’t find it annoying. HTC, what the hack?

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