Nexus 6 Concept Brings HTC Nexus to Life

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  1. Manish Balyan

    All the concept on web are still rumors you can’t say anything about the design of Nexus 6 untill it will come in market.
    Good thinking hope to see Google Nexus 6 with stunning features.

  2. Mark

    If Nexus 6 resembles the HTC M8, then what is the need to make the new Smartphone under different brand name? Well, according to me instead of assigning the task of manufacturing Nexus 6 to HTC, Google should hire LG that made Nexus 5 for it, which is the best Smartphone I have ever had till date. However, I am little dissatisfied with battery life of Nexus 5. But to overcome this issue, I recently installed a wireless car charger dock, to keep the device fully charged even on the go. So the battery of Nexus 6 must be greater than 3000mAh.

  3. Bull Durham

    Nexus 6 will probably be based on the HTC One. Worst case scenario it will be based on the special m7 with the rubber body. Best case scenario it will be based on the m9. I see it having a Solid glass front with the front facing speakers in the glass. The back will be rubberized plastic like the Nexus 5. The camera will be 13 megapixel with improved image stabilization. There will be no fingerprint reader since android 5.0 has safe zone unlock. If your nexus watch is near it or it is at home it will auto unlock. There may be a package deal with the google watch.

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