Why You Shouldn’t Buy the iPhone 5s Right Now

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  1. Jay

    In a world where a lot of people replace smartphones afte one year, it’s okay to go for the current big thing. The 5s is still going to be a great device with its 64 bit architecture and IOS 8. And no. Unless you hold on to your phone for three years or more support for the 5s will be there.

  2. CarsonTiffany

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  3. Harry Bold

    i just bought iPhone 5s because it is the end of the yearly smartphone cycle.
    During all the cycle I watched fails and defects of iPhone 5s, so only now I’m sure that the last manufactured device will work fine.
    While new iPhone 6 will stay buggy and defected at least 5 next months.
    Apple went far from quality/quantity border and not able to implement precise quality control. Their aim is to fill the market as soon as possible so if you will buy fresh iPhone then there are high chances to get some nasty bug and bring it back to seller to change. That’s ok if you live nearby official apple store and don’t hesitate to waste your time being just another tester for a big company that cares only about incomes. But there is no apple store one around me.

  4. Hey There

    I’m a frequent traveller based overseas and am pretty much needing to only consider the purchase of an unlocked iPhone 5s (or 6) for portability and convenience as I cross borders; the economic and carrier contract arguments for holding off on the iPhone 5s in favor of the 6 are based on US-resident considerations. In my experience, availability of unlocked, contract-free iPhones early on in their US release cycle is spotty and fraught with ambiguity on the part of the carriers.

    For example, I was in the US on iPhone 5s & 5c launch day in 2013.; brick-and-mortar Apple Stores only had the 5c in larger memory sizes, not the 5s, which although after repeated calls for clarification to Apple and T-Mobile I was able to confirm T-Mobile sold the unlocked 64MB 5s via mail order, but that it would not be available for such delivery during my US visit. 5s meanwhile was available only in 16MB size in T-Mobile stores at that time.

    So to sum up, how about recommendations for those like me who are solely seeking an unlocked iPhone 5s (or 6)?

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