2015 Skylanders SuperChargers: What You Need to Know

Just roughly a week after a social media post leaked its existence, Activision is confirming the 2015 Skylanders SuperChargers release that many expected it to.

The Skylanders franchise spawned what we now know as the toys-to-life category of games. Simply put, the toys-to-life category counts on players buying accessories that add new content and experiences to their games. Skylanders SuperChargers is the fifth major release in the franchise, with Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, Skylanders Swapforce and Skylanders Trap Team all coming before it.


Activision, the game’s developer needed to try something different with this year’s game to stay ahead of rivals like Nintendo Amiibo, Lego Dimensions and more. It seems to have succeeded.

Skylanders SuperChargers Brings New Characters & Vehicles

When it arrives on September 20th, Skylanders SuperChargers will bring something that hasn’t been seen in a single Skylanders game ever before: vehicles.

In the Skylanders SuperChargers trailer we see video of the first new SuperCharger riding his vehicle, called the Spitfire. The tires on the Spitfire glow with blue energy and a jet provides thrust out of the back end. The Spitfire picks up speed rolls along the roof of cave and quickly spits out the back. The whole point of adding vehicles to Skylanders formula seems to be pulling off tricks. The new reveal trailer actually opens with biker Travis Pastrana pulling off tricks. Throughout the one-minute and forty-five second commercial we see both the Spitfire and Pastrana doing even more flips and jumps.

There’ll be different types of SuperChargers for different modes of transportation: land, air and sea. Skylanders SuperChargers adds a total of 20 different vehicles.

The aforementioned profile breaks down the rest of what users can expect. Kaos, the enemy from past Skylanders games is back for the Skylanders SuperChargers release. He wants to use a new devastating weapon to wreak havoc on the Skylanders universe and it’s up to players to stop him. That’s what where the SuperChargers come in. They are a necessary new breed of creature, a symptom of the escalating conflict in Skylands, the in-game world in Skylanders.

Skylanders SuperChargers Will Be Backwards Compatible

Activision is being careful to keep backwards compatibility going. Each of the vehicles in SuperChargers will work with the 300 different figures already in the Skylanders universe. That being said, using the correct vehicle with the correct SuperCharger makes for an easier experience. SupcerChargers will also have exclusives that only they can use on their vehicle, according to Polygon.

skylanders 2

Activision is sticking with the arcade racing feel for the Skylanders SuperChargers release. It’ll be player’s job to simply avoid objects and make it to the end of any level involving their vehicle. There’s upgrades scattered through the levels and players can use those upgrades to improve on their vehicle and change the way it looks. There’s multiple ways to get around the different levels. Exploring more of the levels gets players more items.

To be clear, players won’t be able to do things like take a SuperCharger figure and use it in with an older Skylanders game.

Skylanders SuperChargers is Coming to Older Consoles Too

As we’re in the middle of a console transition, what many want to know is if they’ll need to purchase the Xbox One, PS4 or Wii U to play Skylanders SuperChargers. Version of the game are coming for the Xbox One, iPad, PS3, Wii U, PS4 and Xbox 360. The Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii are getting there own Skylanders companion experience, though it’s unclear what it’ll contain.

There are New Upgrade Options

The major appeal in the toys-to-life category are the collectibles. Gamers have responded well to the miniature toys, snapping up dozens of them to build out their own collection to display and add into their games. Skylanders SuperChargers takes those collectibles a bit further.

skylanders 3

Gamers who purchase the digital Portal Owners Pack for $49.99 will get digital versions of the Spitfire and Hot Streak figures. Each SuperCharger character will sell for $12.99. The vehicles, which are sold separately from the characters themselves, will cost $14.99. Players will need to place their physical character and their vehicles on their portal, just like Skylanders Swapforce.

A special Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Pack will cost $74.99 and include a Portal of Power, Hot Streak add-on, Spitfire add-on and Shot Stealth Elf add-on.

Activision plans to reveal more Skylanders SuperChargers release details at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as E3 2015, in just a few weeks time. Presumably, it’s at that time that the company will share more details about the other SuperCharger figures, provide more detailed video of the Skylanders SuperCharger experience. Video game retailer GameStop is already taking Sylanders SuperChargers pre-orders.