How to Watch NFL Football Live on Android

The 2015-16 NFL season has finally kicked off with the Patriots taking down the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday Night Football, and a full day of excellent games are lined up for Sunday. Here we’ll run down how to watch as many NFL games this season as possible on your Android smartphone or tablet, stay up to date with the latest news, highlights and more.

Tom Brady kicked things off with a bang throwing four Touchdowns on Thursday, but the Patriots have already been accused of cheating just one quarter into the 2015 season. That said, the millions of fans who will need to watch these games on a mobile device while out and about, at work, or home and sharing the TV, we have all the details below.


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The choices are still somewhat limited when it comes to watching NFL football live on Android devices, but this year fans have more options than ever before. Most will cost money, or at least a subscription to a cable provider, but it will allow users to enjoy NFL games on smartphones and tablets.



For me the season doesn’t start until my Packers take on the Bears this Sunday, and I’ll surely be catching the game from my Nexus 9 tablet using the NFL Sunday Ticket app with a MAX subscription. It gives fans access to every single Sunday football game, no matter where you are. However, that isn’t the only option, so lets get started.


How to Watch NFL Live on Android

There are a wide array of options for watching football this year, and many of them have been available for quite some time, but have slightly changed. Of course having DirecTV and the Sunday Ticket helps, and you can get their Android app here, and above we went over how to get the Sunday Ticket even without DirecTV.


DirecTV has three different packages for those who want to get the Sunday Ticket but don’t have DirecTV. Starting at $99 for college students, and $199 for the entire year on smartphones, tablets and computers using the To Go package. Simply sign up, download the app, and enjoy almost any game you’d like.

However, if you are a DirecTV subscriber and have the NFL Sunday Ticket, you’ll need the Sunday Ticket MAX package in order to stream games to Android or iOS using the mobile apps. The regular Sunday Ticket package is for your TV, while the Max subscription unlocks the mobile app.


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The Sunday Ticket remains the best way to enjoy the NFL season at home, or on mobile devices, but it’s also the most expensive considering all it has to offer.

NFL Mobile

Another solid option for those using the nations biggest network, is NFL Mobile with Verizon Wireless. For just a few dollars a month, most Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night games can be enjoyed on smartphones and select tablets. NFL Mobile will display all current Live games, and it has a redesigned easy to use “Watch Now” button below each game.


NFL Mobile has live video, highlights, analysis, team tracking, fantasy alerts, and live video of the show “Fantasy Live” as the season continues. It has received a lot of updates and new features for the 2015 season, so get it now. The App is still great for those who aren’t on Verizon because of all the content, you just wont get live, real-time streaming unless you’re a Verizon customer. Hopefully one day this will be available to all carriers.


NBC Sports Live Extra

The NBC Sports Live Extra app streams all Sunday night NFL games live on iOS, Android, and your PC if you’d like to catch the games that way. Which is what I used to watch the Patriots vs Steelers last night on my Nexus 9 tablet. Technically all Sunday night NBC games will be streamed live through this app. I didn’t even need to sign into my Cox account, like some others require, but I did it anyways to get full access just in case.

NBC Sports Live Extra Link


Fox Sports Go

Above we mentioned most require a cable subscription, and this is especially true with Fox Sports Go. It supports most major TV providers. This is called a paywall, where you need to sign in and verify your cable subscription to get access. Fox Go doesn’t work on smartphones, but the app for iOS, Android tablets, Kindle, Windows Tablets and more all will stream Sunday games being played on Fox.


Fox Sports Go streams most sports live to smartphones, but with the NFL restrictions you’ll only get them on your Android tablet. It also gives viewers access the Nascar, MLB, and other sports. This will be my go-to app for much of the 2015 season considering I’m a Cox cable customer.

Fox Sports Go Link

NFL Game Pass

This year the NFL changed how it delivers content to viewers, and NFL Game Rewind has been revamped and is now called NFL Game Pass. This is another excellent way to watch NFL Football, but there is one big catch. They aren’t live games.


NFL Game Pass gives those on Android or iOS access to every single NFL game for the entire year, including post season. However, it’s only after the games end. All games can be enjoyed on-demand, just moments after they end and are no longer airing on national TV.

When we heard the new NFL Game Pass was coming to connected devices like Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Android, Xbox One and many other connected devices I was instantly excited, but then sad to see it wasn’t live, and only on-demand. This is likely due to contracts with other networks and providers, which doesn’t allow the NFL to offer its own live service.

NFL Game Pass uses the same NFL Mobile app that we mentioned above that gives Verizon customers live games, only for users who pay the $25 fee will get access to over 256 games after they’ve aired. If watching the game is all you care about, even if it’s three hours later, give this a try for 2015. It also has every game dating back to 2009, including Playoffs and the Super Bowl.


ESPN doesn’t usually air NFL games, but the WatchESPN Android app is a great option as they often times show games from other channels, and this will include many NFL football games during the 2014 season. Not to mention this will air tons of NCAA College football games. You’ll need to be a subscriber with one of their many accepted cable providers. Simply sign into your cable account on WatchESPN, and stream games live to your smartphone or tablet.


The app works great and supports Google Chromecast, meaning users can cast the game to an HDTV or bigger screen at home. I’ll be using this to watch BYU play all year during the College football season.

WatchESPN Android Link


The Slingbox and Slingplayer is another option for those who’ve already paid for and enjoy it. This is a device that connects to the users TV service at home, work, or anywhere with an internet connection and then streams it over Slingbox servers. The mobile app is $15, but if you already have this setup, you’ll be able to stream all the NFL games with ease to any mobile device or browser. Just tune into any of the channels with a game you’d like to enjoy, and stream it to your device of choice through your home TV and the internet.

This option isn’t cheap, but Slingbox is popular because it works well. This won’t give you all the games, but whatever you could enjoy at home, will be streamable to a smartphone or tablet.

Cable Apps

Last but not least, are apps offered up by cable companies themselves. Like Contour from Cox, which lets subscribers tune in to 100’s of channels they get at home, on a tablet. Contour doesn’t work on smartphones, but all you’ll need is a WiFi connection (or tether from your phone) and a tablet to enjoy games on Fox, CBS, ESPN and more.

The same type of option is available from many other cable providers. Some have restrictions and limitations, some allow smartphones, but give them a try and see what works best for you.

Cox Contour App

Cablevision Optimum App

Comcast Xfinity App

Verizon FIOS App

DISH Anywhere App

These are just a few of many cable provers that offer pretty excellent apps to enjoy live TV on Android smartphones and tablets. These apps deliver tons of live TV, not just sports, but of course that’s what we are focused on here today.

Our first suggestion would be to see if you’re eligible for the Sunday Ticket if your not a DirecTV subscriber as that gives users access to the most games, otherwise try your cable providers app, NFL Mobile, and everything else mentioned above. Remember, blackout restrictions may still apply.

Let the games begin.