10 Things to Know About the iPhone 7 iOS 10.0.3 Update

This roundup takes a close look at the iPhone 7 iOS 10.0.3 update, the most up-to-date version of iOS 10 for Apple’s new flagship smartphones.

In early September, Apple took the stage and made several announcements. The company confirmed a new Apple Watch, the iOS 10 release date and two new iPhone 7 models that take over for last year’s iPhone 6s.


The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus arrived on September 16th with iOS 10 on board. And while they’ve received solid reviews, they are far from perfect. iPhone 7 problems are plaguing many new iPhone owners.

In an attempt to shore up some of these early iPhone 7 problems, Apple’s released an updated version of iOS 10 called iOS 10.0.3. The iOS 10.0.3 update is exclusive to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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The iPhone 7 iOS 10.0.3 update is tiny, less than 100MB. That said, it brings some extremely important bug fixes to the flagship iPhone model which makes it worthy of your attention.



There’s a lot more to the iPhone 7 iOS 10.0.3 update than bug fixes and today we want to focus on some of the other details to keep in mind as we push deeper into the year.

This iPhone 7 iOS 10.0.3 update roundup takes a look at performance, iPhone 7 iOS 10 problems, the downgrade process, and more. We’ll continue to refresh this with new details so check back for regular updates.

iPhone 7 iOS 10.0.3 Update: Impressions & Performance

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iPhone 7 iOS 10.0.3 Update: Impressions & Performance

The iPhone 7's iOS 10.0.3 update is small, under 100MB, and it should only take you a few minutes to download and install. It took us about five minutes to complete. We didn't run into any problems with the installation and we haven't seen any reports of widespread installation issues. 

We've been using the iPhone 7 iOS 10.0.3 update for a few days now and we've been keeping an eye on several key areas including battery life, UI speed and connectivity. Here's what we've found. 


We haven't noticed any abnormal battery drain. At least not yet. If you just installed iOS 10.0.3 and you do notice abnormal battery drain, wait a couple of days before taking action. Sometimes it can take two days for software to settle in. 

We've tested the iPhone 7's iOS 10.0.3 update with several ISPs (Internet Service Provider), routers and Bluetooth devices. We haven't noticed any problems with these connections. At least not yet.

We haven't noticed any stuttering or sluggishness with the iOS 10.0.3 update on board our various iPhone 7 models. The iPhone 7 handles iOS 10 well.

Animations and transitions are crisp and iOS 10.0.3 on the iPhone 7 is noticeably faster than iOS 10.0.2 on the iPhone 6s. This isn't the case for everyone it seems.

We have, however, encountered a growing number of random reboots where the phone locks up, the screen turns back, and we're suddenly asked to input our passcode. It's cause for concern and we'll keep an eye on it as we move away from the release.  

iOS 10.0.3 comes with some key bug fixes but if you're having a good experience on iOS 10.0.2 or below, you might wait a few more days before making the move. Dig into feedback and make a decision ahead of the next big iOS 10 release

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