A Change of Scenery

IMG00139 I’m always one to change things up a little, if only to keep myself learning and stretching.

I’ve dusted off my iMac, and for the next several months, I’ll be making it my primary computing platform. With Mac OS X running on the main iMac screen, I’ll have Windows 7, via VMWare Fusion, on my secondary monitor that is hooked up to the iMac. Having the extra screen real-estate sure will be nice. I’ll be using the Vista-based Lenovo X200 as a secondary computer for when I’m mobile or working at home.

This should prove to be an interesting experiment in keeping things in sync between three different OS’s on two different hardware platforms. I’ll be using Windows Live Mesh for Mac and Windows to keep the Lenovo and iMac in sync. Since my email is hosted on a Microsoft Exchange server, keeping my email and PIM data in sync won’t be a problem, either. Although I have Entourage installed on the iMac, I’ll primarily be using Outlook 2007 on the Windows side for email.

Any desktop + mobile users out there? What is your setup like?