A Christmas Wish List for Tablet PC and Mobile Geeks

christmas6 This is my annual Christmas Wish List of things I’d like to see for Tablet PC and mobile device users. Here’s a link to last year’s and the year before.) This isn’t a best of list, or a set of predictions (already done that) , nor is it a list of gadgets I’m looking for under a tree or in a stocking. Rather, these are things I’d like to see happen. As in year’s past, I’m an impatient old elf (no jokes, Matt) so I’d like to see these wishes sped along if you please.

So, take the jump and see what I’m wishing for. Feel free to chime in with yours as well.

I’d like to see Microsoft start talking more about Tablet PCs and their Inking ability in a positive sense. But then that would require that they understand Tablet PCs and its unique abilities in the first place.

Since Microsoft is rumored to be talking about job cuts in January, I hope they start with their marketing folks. Microsoft’s marketing needs a do-over.

I’d like to see the advances we keep hearing about in battery life come closer to reality.

I’d like to see Intel’s roadmap for MIDs sped up.

I’d like to see the Telcos and Broadband providers focus less on creating the crappy software and services they provide with smartphones and instead focus on actually rolling out and maintaining their networks and providing good customer service.

I’d like to see those who sell and market the products be forced to open them and use them. Then perhaps we wouldn’t see such dangerous packaging that can mutilate, and we’d hopefully see less silly mistakes in the age of Beta hardware.

I’d like to see Toshiba and Fujitsu shift their PR strategies and more actively compete with Lenovo and HP when it comes to selling Tablet PCs.

I wish we’d see some software that will justify the move to multi-touch in Windows 7.

I hope we’ll see a capacitive touch digitizer from Wacom that will work magnificently.

I’d like to see Netbooks continue to roil the market place no matter what we call them.

I’d like to see Apple actually market a Tablet, not because I would buy one, but because it might actually bring a sea change in thought about Tablet PCs. I don’t think they will, because obviously they can’t figure out the handwriting recognition.

I’d like to see Windows Live Mesh hurry it along. This is a great service in the making.

I’d love to see the next version of OneNote get the attention it deserves.

I’d like to see the Obama administration’s initiatives on Broadband come to be.

I’d like to see Apple get over itself, or tell AT&T to take a hike, and put in a decent Bluetooth solution for the iPhone, install a decent camera, allow Flash on the iPhone, give us cut & paste, and continue to innovate.

I’d like to see something, anything, from and about Tablet PCs that excites me and the market as much as the iPhone app store continues to do.

I’d like to see a move away from glossy cases and screens that do nothing but attract smudges and fingerprints. Who in their right mind thinks that a product that is full of smudges 10 seconds after unboxing is a good idea?

Oh, and as always, whirled peas.